BWIB Empowers on Halloween!

There is definitely prestige to being a student at the Haas School of Business. Nonetheless, there is also great pressure and responsibility that come along with it. Getting admitted into Haas was not easy, so one can be certain staying in the program will involve just as much effort and hard work. More importantly, the experience at Haas, in addition to career-networking and professional leadership development opportunities, includes myriad stressful emotions and times when you just feel like breaking down or giving up. This is where finding your group or cohort plays a significant role. As individuals, we will need a support system that motivates us to move forward or a friend to reinforce our confidence to get through.

A female Berkeley student enjoys BWIB's Halloween display while learning more about the organization's cause through committee member, Daniela Garcia.
A female Berkeley student enjoys BWIB’s Halloween display while learning more about the organization’s cause through committee member, Daniela Garcia.

Berkeley Women in Business (BWIB) exists to assist women aspiring to pursue business in their educational and career goals. Through twice-monthly meetings, BWIB members quickly become integrated into a tight-knit community that are geared towards success. BWIB offers mentorship programs wherein experienced members or upperclassmen guide prospective business students in their Haas admissions applications, help hopeful interns in their job searches, or teaching members basic networking etiquette for professional development.

Moreover, the organization acknowledges that women have a disadvantage in the business world. We tend to be less assertive in negotiating our interests and feel less deserving despite our qualifications and credentials. On Friday, October 26, BWIB finance committee members grabbed attention at Sproul with their “Spook Shoot!” PhotoBooth tent, passers could not help but stop to look at the organization’s decorative Halloween display.

Spook Shoot!
Spook Shoot!

When I asked VP of Finance, June Yu, what the “Spook Shoot!” hype was all about, Yu said the main purpose of the event was to fundraise for BWIB so the organization can continue to invite speakers who empower women to venture into business, and offer resume and personal development workshops that prepare members for interviews and real life, among others. Additionally, BWIB also creates a comfortable environment, so members would not feel intimidated to ask for help, build friendships, expand their horizons, and enhance their individual growth.

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

“Spook Shoot” will be at Sproul again on Wednesday, October 31, for Halloween! Everyone is invited to drop by BWIB’s Halloween display. Visitors can use their own cellphones, cameras, or have BWIB members take professional photos for them. These will be posted on the BWIB fan page by the weekend. It is going to be so much fun!

BWIB will be requesting $1.00 for UNLIMITED digital photos to support their cause and fund their professional development activities and programs.

Your contributions will help BWIB members succeed and prepare better for the future.

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Denice Sy
Class of 2014

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