Haas Sponsored Fun: UMA Marketing Speaker Series – Disney

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This week’s article is brought to you by James Chan of the Undergraduate Marketing Association (UMA).

It’s no secret that corporate recruiting at Haas is heavily concentrated in the ABC industries- accounting, banking, and consulting. Many assume that the only way to get a “respectable” job after getting a business degree is to put on a suit and work in one of the above professional services industries. But what about the ones who want to explore alternate paths?

With this in mind, the Undergraduate Marketing Association (UMA) hosts a Marketing Speaker Series every semester to introduce students to the marketing industry.  Our mission is bridge the gap between undergraduate students and the marketing world through real-life marketing projects with companies both large (Microsoft, Target, Capcom) and local (CREAM, Cal Athletics), professional training and mentoring, and networking opportunities. On February 21st, we focused on the latter by bringing Disney in as our first participant in our speaker series.

Why Disney? It is a great example of a strong brand because it occupies a unique place in the childhood memories of almost every person. Whether it’s watching VCRs and DVDs of the Lion King and Cinderella, going on rides and attractions at Disneyland or Disney World, or playing with the latest Buzz Lightyear toys while watching Disney Channel, interacting with Disney in one way or another is almost a rite of passage while growing up. Through decades of experience in building household names like Snow White and Simba, it has become one in its own right- consumers know and trust Disney as a source of “family entertainment.”

As Disney’s recruiters Kimberly and Ben explained during the event, Disney is using this family entertainment brand image as a base to expand into a variety of new efforts. Over the past 20 years, it has made a series of acquisitions including family names such as ABC, ESPN, Pixar, Marvel, and most recently LucasFilms, the creator of the Star Wars franchise. In addition, it is maintaining their presence with children growing up in a digitized world, with mobile games such as “Where’s My Water?” as well as a variety of educational and entertainment videos and movies accessible through the web and mobile apps. With these acquisitions and initiatives, Disney is working to ensure that its brand remains synonymous with an entertaining experience for both children and adults.

In order to pursue this ambitious vision, Disney is looking to Cal students for help. It is currently hiring in positions across multiple functions (sales/marketing, technology, broadcast/media, creative, entertainment, etc.) for multiple divisional segments (Studios, Consumer Products, Parks and Recreation, Disney Interactive, and acquired brands like ABC, ESPN, and Marvel). In short, whatever your career interest or skillset, they most likely have a position for you. You can find their career opportunities at http://disneycareers.com/.

If you’re interested in more marketing opportunities, Target will be here later this semester as our speaker series’ second company. Keep updated by following UMA’s Facebook page. Special thanks to Disney for coming out, our EVP Hannah Toohey for organizing the event to make it possible, and all of you who attended, and hope to see you at our future speaker series events!

James Chan

Senior Advisor, Undergraduate Marketing Association

Haas Class of 2013

The Undergraduate Marketing Association is an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between students and the marketing and consulting professions. We have three committees- Strategy, Design, and Events- that provide marketing consulting services to companies from Fortune 500 brands like Microsoft and Target to local organizations and stores like CREAM, The Melt, and Cal Athletics. We also provide professional development workshops and socials for members as well as networking events such as this speaker series for the campus community. 

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