Haas Sponsored Fun: The Student Human Resources Association (SHRA)

Every month the Haas Undergraduate Blog and Haas Sponsored organizations will bring you new insights about the social atmosphere at the Haas School. You’ll hear about what it’s like to be part of the many organizations on campus and what great events they host.

This week’s article is brought to you by Juliana Zhou, Internal Vice President of the SHRA.

The Student Human Resources Association (SHRA) is a unique organization set to showcasing the human resources field. Unlike other organizations supported by HAAS, we proudly inspire and teach Berkeley students the inside-scoop of human resources that goes beyond simply hiring and firing and recruiting. Best of all, we often hold an undiscovered niche for students (of all majors) searching for their career aspirations.

            SHRA not only presents a diverse group of business-oriented students from sociology, mcb, or psychology, but we also bring in professionals across the bay join us at our events – from career panels, to Professor Bank’s  unforgettable resume workshops to our biggest event- the bi-annual networking luncheon. Our networking luncheon pools in HR professionals to eat lunch with our students in an intimate setting, where students engage in conversation about viable job and internship opportunities or simply chit-chat. In addition, we set professionals with a collection of our student resumes so they can easily access our student talent at their fingertips.

This semester we are hosting our networking luncheon April 5th and we would love for you to come! Click here to RSVP your ticket and for more information about us, visit our website!

ImageProfessor Banks and a few members of the SHRA Team


Juliana Zhou – Internal VP


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