Haas Sponsored Fun: The LBSA Fosters Alumni Relations

Every month the Haas Undergraduate Blog and Haas Sponsored organizations will bring you new insights about the social atmosphere at the Haas School. You’ll hear about what it’s like to be part of the many organizations on campus and what great events they host.

This week’s article is brought to you by Nancy Valdivia, Senior Vice President of Internal Affairs for the LBSA.

The Latino Business Student Association is a diverse business organization on campus dedicated to provide professional and academic resources, community service opportunities, and a space to foster strong relationships. What LBSA has been striving to achieve is to tap into its alumni base in order to provide further resources to its undergraduate members. LBSA’s VP of Alumni Relations, Luis Salado, has been working towards that goal. Throughout the semester Luis has organized socials and networking mixers that have allowed LBSA members to talk to past LBSA members who are succeeding in various industries.

This month, Luis Salado organized the Alumni Industry Roundtables event where alumni professionals in public accounting, finance, technology, retail, and various other industries had the chance to talk to students. Ten alumni attended the event to sit in small groups, where they talked about their experiences in their respective industry and answer questions. Throughout the rounds, many members began to see various opportunities available after college.  LBSA member Gaby Mota said, “Thanks to the alumni event, provided by LBSA, I found a heavy interest in retail. I never knew you could make a career by being a professional clothing buyer. Our alumni were great at answering all my questions and I definitely have kept in touch with them.”

LBSA’s ties with its alumni do not stop there. LBSA is also developing a mentorship program that will continue to foster these relationships. The Adelante mentorship program will pair a student with an alumnus from a specific industry the student is interested in. The program will take place in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and New York City.

Thus, LBSA’s effort to expand beyond Cal and tap into its great alumni continues to achieve great success. The Latino Business Student Association is definitely a lifetime membership that gives back to its members in a variety of ways.



Nancy Valdivia
Senior Vice President of Internal Affairs

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