Haas Sponsored Fun: Asian Business Association – “Google at Berkeley” Event

This article is brought to you by Kevin Ho Nguyen, External Vice President of ABA.

This semester, Asian Business Association had the privilege of hosting a speaker panel with two representatives from Google: Alan Yu, Account Executive and Senior Account Manager of Google Sales and Kevin Chung, former Strategy and Operations Lead of Google Commerce. I met these two through our former contact, Joanna Kim, who we partnered with to host our Google case competition last semester. One of our core pillars as an organization is professionalism, so we strive to educate with real world applications from professionals in the field.

Yu and Chung kicked off the event by showcasing The Internship, an upcoming comedy movie featuring two salesmen hoping to earn the coveted Google internship. They intended the event to be very interactive, so they asked attendees to describe what conceptions they had about Google that the trailer reconfirmed.

The event unfolded with some brief background about their undergraduate experience at Berkeley, their recruiting experiences, and discussion about their respective departments, delving into how Google approaches both emerging and established businesses. They addressed the numerous inquiries students had about working at Google and the interconnectivity between the numerous departments. One major point they emphasized was to avoid getting caught up with various labels respective of industries and to do what you enjoy.

The event was an overall success, attracting over 100 attendees. After the event, Yu and Chung distributed swag for attendees, including Google Wallet cozies, Google folders, and free additional Dropbox space (where Chung is now employed). Students networked personally with the representatives to gain further insight about getting into Google. Asian Business Association was proud to provide the Berkeley community with the knowledge and resources from two Berkeley alumni.


Alan Yu
Account Executive and Senior Account Manager of Google Sales

Kevin Chung

Former Strategy & Operations Lead of Google Commerce

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