Doodels: Enhancing Creativity and Social Responsibility

Jayson Poon
Jayson Poon, Haas B.S. 2013

Jayson Poon is an international student from Malaysia, and he will be graduating from the Haas School of Business this May 2013. Growing up, Poon had always enjoyed drawing doodles and using it as a learning tool. However, he oftentimes felt daunted from utilizing doodles in the academia and the workplace as this was something often deemed as unintellectual and as a form of inefficiency in society. Nonetheless, he still believed that there should be a way for individuals to exercise artistic creativity through doodling—in our attempts to more easily communicate and retain ideas—without being judged as being impractical.

Poon’s call-to-action was validated when he saw Sunni Brown‘s TED Talk entitled “Doodlers, unite!” While Poon never doubted the effectiveness of doodling in improving performance for various endeavors, he did not have the data and facts to back up his stance. Hence, Brown’s talk really spoke to him and inspired him to pursue his vision of incorporating art into everyday activities for enhanced productivity.

Kevin Tan, Haas B.S. 2012
Kevin Tan, Haas B.S. 2012

In mid-2012, he began brainstorming startup ideas with his friend, recent Haas alum, Kevin Tan, B.S. 2012. While Poon was very interested in promoting the message of the usefulness of doodling, he was also very passionate about instilling one of Haas’s most prominent defining principles: Beyond Yourself. In addition to simply sharing his love for creating stories and conveying ideas through doodles, Tan and Poon both saw founding a startup as a great opportunity for giving back to communities that they cared about. Thus, Doodels was born.

What is "Doodels"?
What is “Doodels“?

Doodels is a mobile social application aimed at encouraging users to practice creativity while making a difference for children in underserved nations across the globe.

There are three simple steps.

1. Download the free Doodels app
2. Doodle!
3. Add #crayon on your drawing’s caption/label

Similar to the world renowned TOMS’s social responsibility model, Doodels will be donating a crayon per doodle submitted. Doodels has already connected with a number of companies, both local and abroad, that have confirmed their support—of up to 1 million crayons—to Doodels‘s cause. Crayon collected will be distributed to underprivileged children through Doodels‘s partnership with a non-profit organization which they will be announcing on the app’s official launch scheduled on June 1st, 2013.

At present, Doodels is only available in the Apple Store. The Doodels team of 11 employees, including Tan and Poon, is currently working on its Android version to reach a larger market. Doodels is hopeful that their app can eventually garner the support of culture icons and influential people as so to better promote Doodels‘s mission.


For any questions or feedback about the app, please feel free to contact Jayson Poon and the Doodels team at is currently under construction in preparation for their big campaign launch in two months. Nevertheless, please feel free to download Doodels now and check back for updates. Doodels will keep its users up-to-date via online social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Doodels Mobile App Logo

Denice Sy and Jayson Poon
Denice Sy and Jayson Poon

Like Doodels on Facebook here:
Follow @DoodelsInc on Twitter here:

I had such a great time speaking with Jayson about this venture. As Jayson’s friend, fellow Haas Business and international student, I am very excited to see his team make their mark in the startup industry, starting with Doodels.

Denice Sy
Class of 2014

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