Haas Sponsored Fun: P4 Brings Students And Alumni Together

Every month the Haas Undergraduate Blog and Haas Sponsored organizations will bring you new insights about the social atmosphere at the Haas School. You’ll hear about what it’s like to be part of the many organizations on campus and what great events they host.

This week’s article is brought to you by Robin Roxas of The Partnership for Pre-Professional Pilipinos (P4).

groupThe Partnership for Pre-Professional Pilipinos is a collaborative community that focuses on pre-professional development and provides networks, resources, and opportunities to students interested in the fields of business and law. We aid in the advancement of students to graduate and professional programs, and we encourage career paths in all sectors – private, public, and non-profit – while working towards social justice. On April 6th, 2013, through the coordination of our Philanthropy and Community Service (PACS) component, we hosted our 4th annual golf tournament.

The tournament, which took place at Tilden golf course, was a fundraiser for our beneficiary, Pinay Aspirations – a non-profit organization created to promote the aspirations of Filipino youth in education, the community, personal growth, and career development. Pinay Aspirations achieves these goals through scholarships, mentorship programs, community service, and other activities, as well as through resources aimed at enhancing their personal development and advancement in life.

This year, with the aid of 28 players and 20 sponsors, P4 raised $2,100 for our beneficiary. The players actively participated and showed their enthusiasm despite the gloomy weather that day. The teams were comprised of family members and friends, which made the tournament a great bonding experience. This also created a competitive yet friendly environment among the players. Participant Shyla Walson recalled her experience, “It was really fun going against my fellow students and their families. There was an added pressure on the tee box when you knew everyone was watching. The father of our executive director, Melanie Manibo, made sure I remembered that our scores were neck and neck. I definitely let out a sigh of relief on the 9th tee after somehow getting that tiny white ball to go straight. Overall, it was a blast!”

Some Berkeley alumni also became involved in this fundraising event and showed their support, which gave themGroup3 an opportunity to reminisce Cal experiences. At the end of the day, the winners were awarded and a raffle promo was held. The representative of Pinay Aspirations expressed her gratitude towards the people who donated, helped, and supported the group’s cause. The night ended with a great buffet dinner served by the Tilden Golf Course bar and grill.

Both the partners and associates of P4 were able to contribute to the overall success of the tournament by carrying out several tasks, such as signing in and greeting players as they arrive at the golf course, selling mulligans and raffle tickets to players throughout the day, and helping to delegate the pace of the tournament, all the while practicing and honing professional and communication skills.

As an associate of P4, I have had the opportunity to help organize and participate in events like the annual golf tournament. Examples include Professional Saturday, during which students were able to participate in mock interviews and receive advice from professionals in fields of business and law, and Associate Development Day, which allowed associates to receive critique and guidance regarding their resumés.Group2

P4 hopes to continue to give back to the community by organizing events that benefit non-profit organizations like Pinay Aspirations and by giving students the opportunity to improve and apply their professional skills.

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