BWIB Members Learn the Pitch from Oracle

This article was contributed by Kimberly Te, a current Haas senior and Berkeley Women in Business’s (BWIB) Communications Committee member.

“Not enough chairs! Not enough chairs!” This was my thought as I entered the room for the Oracle Info Session held by BWIB on Wednesday, October 16, 2013. Lucky for me, I happened to score the last available seat before the student organization’s executive officers began stealing chairs from nearby classrooms. In short: the room was full of people. Everyone was waiting to learn about life at Oracle, career opportunities, and how to conduct the perfect sales pitch.

Oracle recruiters talk to BWIB members about key sales pitch tips.
Oracle recruiters talk to BWIB members about key sales pitch tips.

Let me break this great night down for everyone.

1) Life at Oracle

Hearing all about Oracle College Recruiter, Katie Lafreniere’s, experience at Oracle showed us all that we can certainly move through the ranks and from department to department at this Fortune 500 company. She started out as a business development consultant but somehow found her place in building relationships with college students and potential Oracle employees. We also had two recent Cal grads talk about their experience at the Sales Academy in preparation for their Sales Representative roles. It was amazing to learn how they built friendships and connections with other people at Oracle from all across the United States! The ability to network and meet so many people so early in a career is quite a draw for those seeking summer internships and full-time jobs after college.

2) Career Opportunities

There are tons of great career opportunities at Oracle. Two of the main ones discussed were the Application Sales Representative and Business Development Consultant position. More info can be found here: Good luck!

Oracle swag!
Oracle swag!

Thank you to our recent Cal grads who improv’d great skits for us as examples on how to do the perfect sales pitch! From introducing yourself over the phone to learning about who you are speaking to and even from awkward moments to negative responses, it was a great and helpful workshop!

Key points from the workshop:

  • Keep it conversational!
  • Find out how you can help them
  • If you cannot help them, find out who else they know that you can help
  • Don’t worry about negative responses, there are always great conversations that make up for it!

—and one last tip from myself that I found helpful from observation— Smile while you are talking, it shines in your voice. :)

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