The Haas Undergraduate Blog Team (2013-2014)

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The Haas Undergraduate Blog is a platform dedicated to providing an “insider perspective” into life as a student at Haas. It aims to serve as a valuable resource for Haas alumni, as well as current, non-major, incoming, and prospective Haas undergraduates, who are interested in learning about the culture and current happenings in the prestigious business program.

The Haas Blog is recruiting for new members to join our team. Bloggers do not have to be experienced, but should enjoy writing short blog posts about Haas-related topics that they feel enthusiastic about. Authors have freedom and flexibility to choose whatever subjects to write about as long as they commit to publishing at least one article per month.

Visit our recruitment page for more information.

Presently, we have a diverse group of bloggers ranging from various backgrounds: continuing, transfer, international, and out-of-state, we have it all. Meet the team!

Denice Sy, Class of 2014

Denice Sy, Managing Editor, Class of 2014
Denice Sy, Managing Editor

Denice Sy is a Business Administration and Southeast Asian Studies double major. She is an international student from the Philippines and a California community college transfer student who is passionate about innovation and corporate social responsibility.

During her time at Haas, she has served as a CSR consultant to an asset management firm and as an innovation consultant to Fidelity Investments. She is currently an accounts assistant at the Haas Institute for Business Innovation and is working as the graduate student instructor for UGBA193i.

She was planning to finish school in December, however has decided to stay until May 2014 to work on a startup and her honors thesis for her second major.

Denice is involved with Berkeley Women in Business, Social Slice – UC Berkeley’s Social Media Advisory Committee, TRSP Center’s Starting Point Mentorship Program, and Young Entrepreneurs at Haas among others. She joined the blog to create a living record of her time at Haas and share Haas-related opportunities to readers about causes that she cares about. She paints and does photography during her spare time. Follow her adventures at @DeniceDaily.

Nathan Tudhope, Class of 2014

Nathan in the FC Barcelona Soccer Stadium on his semester abroad
Nathan in the FC Barcelona Soccer Stadium on his semester abroad

My name is Nathan Tudhope, and I am proud to be a part of the Undergraduate Student blog. As far as myself, I transferred to Cal in the fall of 2012, and it has been quite a ride. This short message is actually written from my apartment here in Barcelona, as I am studying abroad.

As far as what I am interested in at Cal, last year I played club water polo where we won our regional division and took second place at the National Club water polo tournament. Within Haas, I got involved with the Haas Alumni association with a few fellow students last spring, which is something I really recommend. I have expected a full time offer with a 1-year gap (August 2015, not 2014 start date). I am excited to use that year to broaden my horizons, travel, live, and learn … all before returning to finally become an adult.

I would encourage anyone out there to join the blog if you can. It is a great opportunity to document your time here at Haas, and explore things that make you passionate. I have had a lot of success by finding interesting people and interesting stories and simply interviewing those people. Anything related to Haas can become a great connection to student life, the defining principles, or even your own personal story. The blog is a beacon from the undergrads to prospective students, alumni, and staff, and I am proud to be a part of it.


Mike Teez, Class of 2014

Mike Teez performing at a show
Mike Teez performing at a music event

Mike Teez is an aspiring EDM producer and DJ who recently started a record label in order to help promote the art of music. Mike is an event chair for two music clubs on campus, ElecTonic and Innovative Entertainment. Aside from writing for the Haas Blog, Mike is currently writing a book on EDM, as well as performing many music events on and off campus. Mike is a Business Administration and Ethnic Studies double major with plans to bring more philanthropy to the music industry. You can find his music at



Hillary Le, Class of 2014

Hillary Le, Class of 2014
Hillary Le

Hi. My name is Hillary and I am currently a fourth year student at Haas, minoring in English and Creative Writing. I’m one of the Cohort Leaders in the Haas Undergraduate Cohort Program, which aims to foster a greater sense of community at Haas, encourage communication among students, faculty, and administration, and help bridge the gap between Haas and the greater Berkeley Campus.

Since my first year at Cal, I’ve been involved with The Californians, the leadership council for official university events; in my last year with the organization I will be serving as Senior Class Council (SCC) President, working to plan the May General Commencement as well as Senior Week, a slew of events in the Spring devoted to seniors, celebrating our last year as college undergraduates on this incredibly vibrant campus.

The Haas Undergraduate Blog has been a great platform for me to bring together my business and writing backgrounds. I’ve covered everything from receptions to case competitions to events like Homecoming. I enjoy the range of topics I am able discuss and appreciate the relative freedom with which I can present my thoughts. In the process I have been able to not only observe student life but also to reflect upon it – in a way I hope proves meaningful to our audience.


Erike Nelson, Class of 2015

Erika Nelson
Erika Nelson

My name is Erika K Nelson. I am a junior transfer student from Diablo Valley College, class of 2015. I’m interested in a career in marketing, but am still exploring.

I spend half my week working in the beautiful city of San Francisco where I someday hope to live. Between class and work I’m spread pretty thin, but when I do get some off time, I love trying new foods, exploring new places, and indulging in trashy reality TV.

An interesting fact about me: I do not like Apple products, and take pride in the fact I don’t own a single one. I joined the Haas blog because I’ve always wanted to be blogger, but never had the time. Given the chance to try it, I hopped on board!



Melanie Cernak, Class of 2015

Melanie Cernak
Melanie Cernak

I grew up in Seattle but decided to leave Washington and follow the sunshine down the coast to Berkeley. I just started my first year at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and am continually impressed by the incredible talent and dedication of my peers here.

My educational pursuits have also included studying law at Harvard’s Secondary School Program and International Business and Journalism at the London School of Economics. I consider myself an aspiring social business entrepreneur whose goal is to change the world through innovative technology. I have been involved in a project that uses mobile technologies to incentivize prenatal care in rural Kenya and I currently write short stories for children in rural Nigeria that teach basic sanitation and safety.

In my free time, I enjoy creative writing, learning to write with my left hand, and exploring the hills of San Francisco. I am honored to be a new writer for the Haas Undergraduate Blog and inform my colleagues about all the invaluable opportunities Haas offers!


Sung Shin, Class of 2015

Sung Shin
Sung Shin

Born in Busan, I spent majority of my youth in Boston, the sports capital of America, before moving to California. On campus, I am part of Koinonia Christian Fellowship. Off campus, I serve as a preventive medicine specialist in the United States Army Reserve, and volunteer at Operation Just Cause, a veterans organization.

My hobbies include film, theatre, and music. One interesting fact about me is that I used to be a huge fan of professional wrestling, and can talk for hours about WWE, WCW, and my favorite wrestlers.

I joined the Haas Blog team to become an active member of this community, and to share valuable lenses of experiences from various groups within the diverse Haas community.



Sofia Putri, Class of 2015

Sofia Putri
Sofia Putri

Sofia Putri is a Business Administration major and English minor. She is a California community college transfer student who was born in Indonesia and grew up in Singapore. She intends to pursue a career in financial services and believes that business should be utilized to create positive social change whenever possible.

In Berkeley, she works in the Doe and Moffitt libraries under Circulation Services, and she is actively involved in student organizations such as AFX Dance, Berkeley Women in Business, and Cal Archery. She is also a sponsor for an 8 year-old child in India through nonprofit organization World Vision.

Sofia joined the blog as she is passionate about writing and wishes to share her insight into life at Haas from an insider’s perspective. She currently speaks 6 languages, and one of her life goals is to be able to speak 10 languages. Her interests include archery, dance, fashion, and English literature.


Rafy Choi, Class of 2015

Rafy Choi
Rafy Choi

My name is Rafaela Jung Hee Choi Lim, or Rafy for short. I was born and raised in Paraguay, a beautiful country located at the “heart of South America.” I am very passionate about poverty alleviation, education, and microfinance.

I enjoy making new friends, traveling, playing the piano, watching creative ads, and going grocery shopping. At Cal, I’m one of the Cohort leaders for the Class of 2015 and am part of the Latino Business Student Association, and a Catholic fellowship group called Chun Jin Ahm.

I am excited to join the Haas Undergrad Blog team, for I believe that raising awareness of and sharing perspectives on various activities happening at Haas and Cal will help to create a more close-knit Haas community.

Plus, this will be a great opportunity for me to apply my hobby of journal writing!



Brian C Ly, Class of 2015

Brian C Ly
Brian C Ly

Hi, my name is Brian C Ly, and I am currently a third year student triple majoring in Business Administration, Computer Science, and Japanese. Besides taking a lot of classes, I have also been actively involved in Cal Rotaract and Innovative Design.

Off-campus, I am an avid Yelper and an aspiring amateur photographer. If there’s a new place opening up in the UC Campus area, you can be sure I’ll be one of the first to check it out – and post a picture of it! Another not so known fact about me is that I don’t listen to music digitally. Rather than having an iTunes library or Spotify, I have all my music on vinyl, and you can often find me at Amoeba or Rasputin.

Since I love sharing my photos as much as I enjoy taking them, I joined the blog so I could share my experiences here at Haas visually as I see it from my own eyes.



Cristina Torres González, Class of 2015

Cristina Torres Gonzales
Cristina Torres Gonzales

My name is Cristina Torres González, an exchange (UCEAP) student in my junior year at Haas.

I arrived in Berkeley after a horrible 20h flight, coming from Madrid (Spain) and willing to make the most of my experience abroad. My home university is Universidad Carlos III, where I major in Business and minor in Media Studies. During my stay in UCB I am a Business Administration major, so a big part of my US experience takes place inside the walls of Haas Business School. So far, so good. I hope to share some of my stories with you, and give a foreigner’s perspective on Haas life.

My interests definitely vary wildly so I am a big fan of MOOCS – they allow me to learn from lots of disciplines! I really like Art History and Theory – especially all the art movements from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, and I play the ukulele in my free time.

We look forward to receiving your applications. Again, go to our recruitment page or e-mail Denice Sy at for more information.

Denice Sy
Class of 2014

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