Cohort Program: Bridging the Gap between Pre-Haas & Current Haas Students

My name is Rafaela Choi, a junior at the Haas School of Business, currently doing my best to push myself as finals are nearing. Amidst group meetings, projects, and work, I take a deep breath, reflect upon my day, and realize that I am so close to completing my first semester at Haas.

I cannot believe that it has already been a year since we, the Class of 2015, underwent Haas application process. I remember with clarity how hectic the application season was, even more than the current busy season I am going through. Having been in the shoes of a prospective Haas student, we all know how draining it can be when harsh November hits, with midterms, extracurriculars and a Haas application on top. This shared experience became the motivation for the “The Haas Experience Through Students’ Perspective” event.

The event was split into two sessions led by the Cohort Programs of 2014 and 2015 on Wednesday, November 13 and Thursday, the 14th, respectively. The sessions consisted of a brief overview of the application, a student Q&A panel, and a casual 1-on-1 advising. The purpose of the event was to provide prospective Haas students better insight into the Haas experience, as well as be supportive of their decision to take that extra step of additional work and time to apply to the Haas Undergraduate Program.

It was a rather empowering event because lived up to the principle of “Beyond Yourself” just by simply sharing our experience at Haas and our future aspirations. Current Haas Student panelists did not only share their passions and journey into Haas, but also interacted with prospective students at a more personal level, addressing some of their personal concerns and building relationships with them. Prospective students showed just as much interest and enthusiasm, staying attentive throughout the presentation and asking a wide variety of questions; ranging from application advice to Haas alumni relations.

Class of 2015 Cohort Leaders

We hope to keep taking small steps like this to bridge the existing gap between the Haas community and that of prospective Haas students. Through feedback forms, all student attendees showed their interest to see similar programs that allow networking between students in the near future. The Cohort Program looks forward to making this specific event a tradition annually, as well as a reminder for every Cohort Class’ commitment to give back to the student community.

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