2the5th Entertainment

Every Haas student knows about the prestigious business program’s four defining principles, namely Question the Status Quo; Students Always; Confidence without Attitude; and Beyond Yourself. However, all of us identify with at least one more than others. For electronic music producer/DJ and current Haas senior and blogger, Mike Teez, the principle of going beyond oneself for others is most important, and it shows in the projects that he leads. One he is currently promoting and pursuing is his 2the5th Entertainment – Philanthropy through Dance Music campaign.

For the last four years, Teez has been putting together musical charity events in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) industry. The series, as it is called, has challenged the status quo of the industry by giving back all proceeds to noble causes such as an underprivileged school in Costa Rica, shoes for the homeless in Berkeley, and purchasing rainforest land in Brazil to avoid deforestation.




At the moment, 2the5th Entertainment is on IndieGoGo, with only four days left to reach their fundraising goal of $5,000. So far, they have incorporated as a California Benefit Corporation, found distributors, as well as build a talent roster. Donations will help expedite 2the5th‘s expansion by supporting their initative’s mastering, videos, promotion, marketing, and paying for remix fees. They aim to change the EDM scene by creating and solidifying a new business model that profits while giving back to the less fortunate.


As a transfer student, Teez has been able to scrape financially between school loans, grants, scholarships and DJ gigs. Unfortunately, he does not have the funds for things such as mastering, videos, promotion, marketing, or remixers. All of which can range into $1,000+ range per release. Your generous donations will go towards these costs when launching 2the5th’s first three releases from artists such as Rather RedDeetrex, and Mike Teez.

In addition to doing good, contributors to Mike Teez’s 2the5th will also get perks. They can be found on the right column of 2the5th’s IndieGoGo campaign page found here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/2the5th-entertainment-philanthropy-through-dance-music

If giving back is something you are passionate about, it is greatly encouraged that you look at Mike Teez’s 2the5th campaign to see how you can make an impact.

Denice Sy
Class of 2014

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