Haas Alum, Rakesh Singh Speaks to UGBA193i Students

This article/writeup was written with the assistance of Haas Intern, Micah Sanders.

Nowadays, developing global mindsets is extremely important to gain a competitive edge in business and politics. Due to technological progress, connecting and transacting business with each other has become immensely convenient. It is also this convenience that makes succeeding or failing ventures so easy depending on one’s cultural familiarity. This is even more true when entering emerging markets, whose common behaviors, beliefs, and practices are very distinct from those of the west.

That being said, Professor Darwin deemed it necessary that students first become acquainted with the political, social, and economic background of India. On January 3, 2014, he invited Haas Alum (MBA 1995) and General Manager of Citrix India, Mr. Rakesh Singh to give students an overview of India’s current business and socioeconomic landscape. Singh welcomed the students on behalf of Haas Alumni Network in Bangalore.


Singh spoke briefly about Bangalore’s current position in the realm of corporate innovation in today’s era of business. According to the Haas alum, there are currently multiple transitions transpiring in India right now, like the ones going on in the sphere of education to power and deploying real change in government systems and business models. He recognizes Bangalore’s IT know-how as one of the key instigators of such change. There are over 800 companies booming in the city’s IT industry right now.

He provided examples to support his statements of important transitions going on in India right now: In education, the Indian people, the young adults especially, are increasingly becoming more aware and convinced of the significance of literacy. Innovations in technology such as the Internet and other forms of media have also made corruption less difficult to track, causing the Indian population to mobilize and create new political parties to produce real change.

One of the most unprecedented occurrences in Indian politics is the election of a young politician into high office in New Delhi six months ago. In the past, politics was mostly controlled by the older generation. Whereas today, it has become possible for aspiring young candidates to climb the political ladder much quickly, due to the transparency and enhanced education brought to the Indians by technological innovations. Having the knowledge to assess fraud and character, voters are more aware of the situation and therefore better informed to make good election decisions.

Singh’s talk enlightened students and reaffirmed them of the huge role that innovation plays in all aspects of India’s progress and the Indian markets.

Denice Sy
Class of 2014

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