Twitter HQ 2014

Last Friday, February 21, 2014, fourteen undergrads visited Twitter’s Headquarters in Market Square, San Francisco. The office visit was organized by Berkeley Women in Business’s (BWIB) VP of Professional Development, Senem Onen, in collaboration with Twitter’s University Recruiter, Dan Kim.

BWIB Members at Twitter HQ
BWIB Members at Twitter HQ

To welcome the students, Dan gave a short presentation touching briefly on Twitter’s company history to where it is now. He provided fun facts about the origins of the name, Twitter. The founders had initially wanted to call the startup Twitch, but felt it had some sort of negative connotation. They thus resorted to literally flipping open a dictionary and saw the word Twitter directly under Twitch and stuck with it. Moreover, Twitter was not always spelled with vowels. In fact, the first ever tweet made by the company’s co-founder and co-creator, Jack Dorsey, writes “just setting up my twttr“.

First 1B tweets took 3 years and 2 days
First 1B tweets took 3 years, 2 months, and 1 day

Additionally, Dan also told BWIB members about milestones that Twitter was especially proud of. One of which was when the company first served its one-billionth tweet after three years, two months, and one day in operation. Even more astonishing is that today, one billion tweets are generated every 48 hours.

Twitter’s growth over the years, since its launch in 2006, is one that Dan excitedly shared with his visitors as well. From only four founders, Twitter now has a lineup of 2,800 employees, with physical office branches located in cities like Detroit, Seattle, and New York, and countries such as Brazil, London, Canada, Germany, and Japan among others.

To address topics that the BWIB attendees would be more interested in, Dan announced employment opportunities available to students through Twitter’s University Recruiting. Twitter has engineering summer internship programs annually, and this year’s class of interns already has six female engineers on the team.

The company also recently started a non-technical internship program, which launched only last summer. These business-focused opportunities include Brand Strategy, Communications, Corporate Development & Strategy, Direct Sales Analytics, Ecosystem Strategy, Business Development, Revenue Product Manager, Product Marketing, etc. Traditionally, Twitter, much like many tech startups, has an employee ratio of 52:48 engineer vs non-engineer positions. However, since the company’s IPO in November 2013, Twitter has also began investing more into business-minded human resources. Interns can be assured of a hands-on experience and feel like full time workers in whatever department or team they end up in.

Daily catered breakfast and lunch at Twitter
Daily catered breakfast and lunch at Twitter

To further entice students into considering a possible career at Twitter, Dan happily talked about the benefits he enjoys at Twitter. Everyone works in an open area, even the CEO does not have his own private office, promoting equality in the workplace. All employees also get free breakfast, lunch and refreshments. There are weekly in-office yoga and pilates classes, gym membership reimbursements, showers, and game rooms accessible to anyone who works for the company. Generous leave policies are not a question either, Dan already has some vacation plans in mind. With all the perks Twitter offers its employees, even Dan confesses he would rather be in the comforts of the office than work flexibly at home.

Twitter's outdoor roof deck
Twitter’s outdoor roof deck

Dan wrapped up the Twitter visit with a tour around the company’s head office. He revealed that since they moved into Market street, other startups like Yammer and a boutique furniture distributor, One Kings Lane, have joined them on the same building. Square, a tech firm founded by Twitter’s own Jack Dorsey, has also begun setting up their HQ near the area.

Ultimately, Twitter’s ideal candidates for prospective summer interns are students who are genuinely passionate about tech, are fit and personable with regards to Twitter’s corporate culture, and have done ample research on the company’s latest news and developments. Tweet Dan at @DK10 for any inquiries.

Denice Sy
Class of 2014

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