HBSA Election Candidates (2014-2015)

Voting officially began for HBSA Elections 2014-2015 yesterday. Polls will close next Friday at 11:59PM! Please help choose our next leaders by casting your votes today. You must sign into campus groups to vote! You may click “Forgot Password” if you don’t have an account or have forgotten the password to your account.

General guidelines:

  • You may only vote once, and only for one person/position
  • You may abstain by skipping over the office position
  • Candidates must be at least 20 feet away from any person while he/she is voting (please direct all complaints/allegations to Elections Council Chair, gscott244@gmail.com)


Here is the link to the ballot: www.tinyurl.com/HBSAelections


Stacey Patten - picture117 Stacey C. Patten
I’m currently the External Liaison for the Cohort Program where I oversee the planning and execution of Cohort events for 350 undergraduate students. While this opportunity has allowed me to create positive change, my vision for improving Haas extends beyond what I can achieve through this platform. As President I will work to accomplish the following: (1) develop MBA/UNDERGRADUATE COFFEE/HAPPY HOURS where students could network with MBAs (2) bring MORE NON-ABC RESOURCES to Haas (informational sessions and networking panels) (3) EXTEND HAAS’ BUILDING HOURS so students can collaborate late into the night and (4) INCREASE HBSA TRANSPARENCY AND STUDENT ADVOCACY.

1x1shawn.jpg copy122 Shawn Sheikh
If appointed HBSA President I have a few core focuses. My first agenda item is to bring in more recruiters both in and out of the ABCs. Additionally I am working on uniting Haas with other talented majors on campus to encourage collaboration on projects and recruiting. I hope to continue this as HBSA President next year. I will work to create more opportunities for transfer students to better immerse themselves in the Haas community. I would also work to create more bonding activities to bring together the Haas Undergraduate community, much like the MBA community interacts with one another.

Executive Vice President

1x1taylor copy105 Taylor Shim
As the Executive Vice President for HBSA, I will work very closely with the President as well as other members to create a more collaborative and enjoyable environment for the undergraduate student body at Haas. My vision for this position includes the following: 1) Organizing a mentorship program that connects juniors with seniors in Haas, 2) Strengthening the recruiting process and creating more professional opportunities by bringing in more companies and networking events to our campus, and 3) Working to extend library hours, especially during exam seasons to better accommodate students’ needs..

Vice President of Finance

rafsun118 Rafsun Faiz
Hello everyone! As you all know, I am in charge of our beloved happy hours! As the VP of Finance, I would make sure to approve funds for events that enrich the Haas student community, both socially and professionally. I would submit budget proposals that would allow HBSA to achieve the following:1. Professional development through events such as the PWC Case Workshop we are having on March 172. Establish the Happy Hour as a permanent weekly social event.3. Maintain ASUC sponsorship and ensure approval of the budget. Lastly, I am running because I have tremendous respect and love for HBSA. I believe that, with our hard work, we will become even more successful next year.

amy gu120 Amy Gu
Hi everyone! It is a pleasure to run for Vice President of Finance this year. I have been an active member in HBSA, specifically the Director’s Advisory Council, since last year and cannot wait to become more involved this upcoming school year! I look forward to working as VP of Finance so we can have stronger relations with ASUC for sponsorship, an expanding budget for more exciting opportunities in HBSA, and much more! Thank you for your vote.

Vice President of MBA/Alumni Relations

Samuel Choi114 Samuel Choi
Dear friends and future colleagues, The Haas School comprises less than 3 percent of UC Berkeley’s undergraduate population. That’s 711 students who have been brought together to cultivate an intimate atmosphere that not only questions the status quo, but also generates innovative ideas. My name is Samuel Choi and I would like to be elected to office to implement as many of those ideas as possible. The goal I want to accomplish is simple – connect you to industry leaders by incorporating Haas alumni and MBA students in our cohesive network, so you can make your ideas happen. Thank you.

enya hsieh123 Enya Hsieh
It is with great enthusiasm that I am running for VP of Alumni/MBA Relations for HBSA. As the founder of Diablo Valley College Alumni Network, I believe in combing each individual’s power for making a stronger community. If elected, I seek to initiate three projects that can further strengthen the connection between all Haas members. Project 1. Set up MBA office hour for undergraduates Project 2. Kick off a series of MBA admissions panels for pre-MBAs Project 3. Initiate Talent Search Program that aids alumni to find undergraduates for internships/job opportunities Please vote for #123 for Project 1, 2, 3!

budiman124 Debby Budiman
“Connect the unconnected” Plans: 1.Organize two to five Haas undergraduate-MBA & alumni events per semester via MBA & alumni offices & connections 2.Initiate and administer mentorship program for Haas undergraduate 3.Connect Haas undergraduate to MBA & alumni with similar interests or fields Qualifications: Haas Business School Association | Marketing Director Haas Senior Gifts Campaign | Alumni Relations Coordinator Young Entrepreneurs at Haas | Mentor Diablo Valley College | Phi Beta Lambda Business Club Head of Alumni Relations

Vice President of Professional Development

wei wen111 Wei Wen
I want to build the bridge between career center and Haas students, and help you take full advantage of career center. If I am elected as VP of Profession Development, HBSA will host regular events like Callisto workshop, networking workshop, etc. for new and old Haas students every year. Also, HBSA will offer more detailed descriptions about career center’s events, so you can easily make better decisions about which career panel to attend without wasting time. In the meantime, I will work with career center to host networking events in Haas, which will be more convenient for Haas students.

Steven_Yang copy119 Steven Yang
If elected as the Vice President of Professional Development, I have two main goals. The first is to increase the competency level of all undergraduate students through presentations, workshops, and case competitions. The second is to promote and inform alternative and sustainable career paths that align more accurately with the student body’s varying interests. Our class has so much potential to succeed in the business world and I plan on tapping into that potential for the 2014-2015 year and beyond.

Vice President of Internal Development

Gina Tai - Photo copy108 Gina Tai
Hi everyone! My name is Gina Tai, and I am so excited to be running for Vice President of Internal Development. I have held positions in the past that required me to be extremely organized in planning and successfully executing large-scale events. I am confident that these experiences have prepared me to not only complete the expected responsibilities but also to go beyond what is required of me. This position will allow me to best contribute to the business community, strengthening the bonds within HBSA and building relationships within the Haas community. Thank you for your vote!

vk vu112 VK Vu
With this position, I plan on creating a network within Haas that enables students to form relationships beyond the academic sphere and to impact our surrounding community. By organizing socials aimed at facilitating open interactions and service events geared towards extending beyond our classrooms, I believe our Haas family’s bond will strengthen. My experience in diverse leadership positions in professional organizations, volunteer groups, and athletic teams will enable me to prioritize, manage, and execute these goals. I am extremely excited to have the opportunity to serve with your support!

Vice President of Marketing

casey102 Casey “you know you want to” Kim
Dear Friends at Haas, “I’m shooting for the stars. If I can only get to the moon, I’ll try again from the moon.” It would be an honor for me to serve as your next Vice President of Marketing. Coming to Haas has been an absolutely wonderful experience and I am always amazed by the people I meet. As VP of Marketing, I promise to bring out the best in Haas and work my tail off each and every day. I look forward to working with the HBSA team and serving the Haas Community. Thank you!

monica113 Monica “Dili-BEAR-to” Diliberto
“Never apologize for having high expectations.” I proudly embody the 4 Haas Defining Principles, I promise to work in the interest of my fellow classmates, and I promise to represent HBSA like a true Golden Bear would.

Vice President of Academics

vi tran101 Vi Tran
I am Vi Tran in the Class of 2015. I am passionate about making a social impact locally and globally. While researching with Haas Professor Levine, I found it rewarding to be a liaison between our team of student researchers and nonprofit leaders. As a peer, I will strive to create the most conducive learning environments in the Haas community. My personal mission is to help students and organizations do whatever they do, but better. I am extremely excited to be a candidate for the Vice President of Academics.

david park104 David J Park
Hello, voters! My name is David, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to act as the liaison between students and faculty. Having served as Vice President of Academics in my high school student government, I believe I bring valuable experience and insight to the position. If elected, I hope to bridge the gap between students’ and professors’ expectations of courses by implementing end-of-semester feedback sessions and improved evaluation forms. The Haas School of Business’s most important asset is the student population and I want to make sure your voice is heard to make your education your own.

Linda Zhong copy115 Linda Zhong
Receiving an education here at the Haas School of Business is a true blessing. If granted this position, I will ensure your voice is heard by effectively communicating with professors and faculty to make sure all concerns are addressed, in hopes of improving the business program to better meet everyone’s needs. I want to organize more networking events with professors so students can get to know them in a more casual setting outside of the classroom. The business program here is outstanding, one that is constantly creating future leaders of the world. Together we can make it ever better.

Vice President of Diversity

jesar shah103 Jesar Shah
Hello fellow Haasies! As VP Diversity my goal is to host more diversity events within our undergraduate program as well as events jointly with MBA students. I want students to capitalize on the variety of experiences and cultures that we bring to Haas! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding my projects for the next academic year.

aashik107 Aashik “Babyface” Sekharan
Going to school in 4 different countries I have gained an understanding of the power behind the buzzword ‘diversity’. We here at Haas each have our own unfinished stories and I want to leverage these differences to create long term friendships and connections. My plan is two tiered: 1) Organize an ethnic day in which students get to express their identity for one redonkulous night of song, dance and merry-making. 2) Create an online-diversity platform encouraging students to share how their backgrounds have shaped their experience at Haas so far and vice-versa.

Vice President of Technology

brian ly110 Brian C Ly
My name is Brian C Ly, and I am currently a junior in Haas pursuing a triple major in Business Administration, Computer Science, and Japanese and a minor in IEOR. I have served as a photographer for many campus organizations. I am particularly interested in the technology challenges faced by businesses today in this rapidly developing ecosystem, especially in the Bay Area. My goals are to provide the undergraduate body with all of their technology needs, establish channels to develop stronger relationships with the engineering community, and to beautify the website through photography and intuitive user interfaces.

Vice President of Student Services and Outreach

pia mishraPia Mishra
Hey guys! I just want to keep this short and simple. There are a number of exciting ideas I have for HBSA this upcoming year, and I would love the opportunity to share them with the Haas community. Your vote would mean a lot — thanks!

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