Career Profiles: Justina Nguyen, CBSi Tech and Media

Career Profiles is a series of posts that will feature Haas students who have accepted an internship or full time job offer across various industries. This one is on the Tech & Media space.

There is no doubt that when you first enter Haas, majority of the undergrads are talking recruiting; and more often than not, recruiting for the ABC’s (Accounting, Banking, Consulting). I must admit, I was pretty intimidated by the recruiting process when I first started at the prestigious business program. I almost felt pressured to enter the ABC industry simply because that was most popular and common among the Haas population. Nonetheless, as I learned to feel more confident about myself, I began to better accept that we are all different. As cliche as this sounds, no one is better than the other. We all have our own preferences and career paths to take. We simply need to recognize which one and what it is that we want for ourselves.

This post is about Justina Nguyen, a Haas senior who challenged the ABC norm and enjoyed it! Justina entered Haas as a junior transfer from Ohlone College, and has diverse experiences in banking, education, and marketing. She also has expertise in coordinating social and networking activities as an Internal Affairs Committee Member in Berkeley Women in Business. However, she ultimately worked for CBS Interactive as an Audience Development Intern over summer and will be joining the company as an Associate Audience Development Manager after graduating in May 2014.

Justina Nguyen, B.S. Business Administration 2014. (c) Photo
Justina Nguyen, B.S. Business Administration 2014. (c) Photo from

Did you ever feel pressured or compelled to enter the ABC industry while recruiting?

When I first arrived at Haas, I was wrapped up in finding an internship in the ABCs because I thought, “That’s what everyone is doing so, I need to do it too.” I was not appropriately invested in these industries and I did not want to compromise myself by choosing to pursue a career that didn’t align with my goals. However, just because the ABCs aren’t for me doesn’t mean they can’t be for others. It’s easy to get wrapped up in a title or an institution but figuring out what I really wanted out of job was important to me.

 What made you decide to pursue CBSi instead of other companies?

I chose to sign with CBSi because they met my three criteria: find a place where I matter, find people who love what they do, and find a job where “doing work” and “having fun” are synonymous.

Would you recommend a summer experience at CBSi?

I would definitely recommend the summer internship at CBS Interactive to anyone who wants to learn a lot from incredible people. CBSi is a collaborative and democratic workplace – your ideas matter here. From the get-go, you’re thrown into meetings and asked for your opinion. Whether you’re an intern or not, they take you seriously and they value your input. Some cool perks: trivia night, ping pong tournaments, and K9 Friday (the office is filled with the cutest dogs!). If you want to get coffee and make copies all summer, don’t apply to CBSi.

CBS Interactive
CBS Interactive

What does work look like at your company?

Working at CBSi proved to me how amazing 9-to-5 can really be. You spend the majority of the day with your co-workers, and you get to spend it with genuine, intelligent, and funny people. Not only are they supportive of your ideas and goals, but also they do their best to help you reach them. I really appreciated how most people at CBSi have been there for double digits, yet they still bring so much enthusiasm and passion to work everyday. Content-wise, this is tech and media aka fun and fun.

Were there any skills that you needed to have developed prior to the internship?

You should know how to use PowerPoint and Excel. Those are the bread and butter of the business world and there’s no escaping them. Writing and speaking skills are important for finesse in any job, especially in media. Quick turnaround is especially important in publications because everything has a deadline. If you get something to someone quickly, they’ll remember that and return the favor.

What advice do you have for interview preparations?

Research the business and the specific brands you want to work for. Practice interviewing questions so there’s no surprise if they ask you for three weaknesses. Practice interviewing questions with someone who will actually give constructive feedback. Don’t be on time; arrive earlier than scheduled.

This advice is completely overrated but it’s true! Be yourself–your real self. A company is looking for a fit, but don’t forget, you are looking for a fit too!

c|net Logo
c|net Logo

You can read Justina’s blog posts and other editorials for CBSi at

Disclaimer: The series aims to spotlight students across as many industries possible, including the ABC’s.

Denice Sy
Class of 2014

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