imagiCal Wins First Place in 2014 NSAC Regionals

This article was written in collaboration with current Haas senior and imagiCal President, Hayley Yerkes.

UC Berkeley’s Haas-sponsored advertising competition team, imagiCal, took home the first place trophy in the regional 2014 National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). The district competition took place at Berkeley City College on April 5th, 2014 where imagiCal competed against the University of Nevada, Reno, Fresno State, and San Jose State.

Presenter team (L to R): Megan Gonzalez, Keyan Sarrafzadeh, Jared Baker, Ione Sterental, Saskia Owens
Presenter team (L to R): Megan Gonzalez, Keyan Sarrafzadeh, Jared Baker, Ione Sterental, Saskia Owens

The National Student Advertising Competition is the country’s largest advertising competition with 16 districts and over 150 teams nationwide. Each year, students are given a case to create a comprehensive and integrated advertising campaign for a multinational client. Students work on the case year-round and present to a panel of judges in the spring of each year.

imagiCal won first place at the NSAC regional competition. They will be moving onto the semi-finals held in late April. Winners of the semi-finals compete against seven other teams at the national level during the American Advertising Federation’s AdMerica conference in May.

While other teams have classes dedicated to the competition, imagiCal is an entirely student-run organization and is proud to bring the win back to UC Berkeley – a university not typically recognized for advertising achievement. The imagiCal team is very excited about their win, as their 35-member team had been preparing since September.

The entire imagiCal team
The entire imagiCal team

This year, the NSAC competition case involved creating a digitally-driven advertising campaign for Mary Kay, a direct-sales cosmetics company. The target market was comprised of 18 to 29 year old females throughout the United States. Each team was required to create a 25-page plansbook and deliver a 20-minute speech and presentation to the judges at the competition. imagiCal chose to highlight the personalization that direct selling offers – something that many other makeup brands do not provide. In a similar vein, the tagline for the campaign was “Makeup Your Story.” imagiCal’s campaign focused on telling the stories of real women by sharing photos and connecting the Mary Kay community through a mobile application. This creative campaign fits well with Mary Kay’s existing values of female empowerment and individuality, allowing the student organization to win over the judges.

Current imagiCal President, Hayley Yerkes, expressed “The people that I have met in imagiCal are some of the smartest and most creative people on this campus. It’s always rewarding to hear the judges tell us that our ideas are similar to, or better than, some of the ideas that people in the marketing department of their company have come up with. While we’re a student team, I truly believe our ideas and executions are at a professional level.”

For interested applicants, imagiCal recruits every Fall semester and more information can be found on their website at

Denice Sy
Class of 2014

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