Career Profiles: Annette Ng, MidSpan Partners Investment Banking

Annette_Ng_Picture_HeadshotCareer Profiles is a series of posts that will feature Haas students who have accepted an internship or full time job offer across various industries. This one is on Investment Banking.

This post is about Annette Ng. She is a senior at the Haas School of Business, and has a variety of experience leading diverse programs on campus. She has served as the Director of Student Services & Outreach for the Haas Business Student Association, Director of Professional Development for the Office of ASUC Senator Sevly Snguon, and VP of Marketing for Berkeley Women in Business. Annette has interned as a summer analyst for EMA/Pacific Healthworks LLC and for boutique investment banking firms such as FocalPoint Partners LLC and MidSpan Partners. She will be working full time with MidSpan Partners post-graduation.

What made you decide to pursue investment banking? What makes it so interesting to you?

When I was a freshman, one of my high school classmates, who was a Cal senior at the time, told me about investment banking and how as an analyst you’re able to analyze companies and their business models from a variety of industries. Once I heard about investment banking, I tried to learn as much as possible about the field. I loved that I get to analyze a company from top to bottom, forecast how I think the company will do three to five years down the road, and try to determine the financial value of the company. There are so many assumptions and adjustments that need to be made whenever you’re forecasting, but working with my superiors and observing how they value a company looked like an art, and I wanted to be a part of that.

You have interned for private investment banks in the past, FocalPoint Partners and MidSpan Partners. How was interview process?

The interview process is very similar to the traditional investment banking interview process. I had a couple phone interviews and, after passing the initial phone screen, was invited to the office for a superday that consisted of four to five interviews with team members from the office.

Do you have any advice would give other Haas and Cal students in general, who are also interested in i-banking?

I would say definitely know finance and accounting very well, and try to meet as many people as possible who are related to the field of investment banking. Even talking to students who are interviewing with other investment banks is helpful since you can practice interview questions with them.

How is it like working at boutique firms?

Working at a boutique firm has been a great experience. Since boutique offices tend to have a lean deal team, the office structure tends to be flat, and I’ve been able to really get to know all of the analysts up to all of the managing directors. There is more on the job training than I would assume there would be at a bulge bracket, but that is where I have honestly learned the most. I learned how to financial model on Excel and use PowerPoint well through learning on the job, through each pitch and live deal.

Finally, would you recommend your experience at MidSpan?

I would definitely recommend my experience to others. I’ve been able to really connect with all of my colleagues at MidSpan Partners since the office has such a lean deal team (MidSpan Partners just merged with MHT Partners to form MHT MidSpan). I feel extremely welcomed by each team member at the San Francisco office, and am excited to meet everyone at the headquarters in Dallas, Texas once I start full-time. Everyone is very willing to help me or teach me about anything I don’t necessarily know how to do, and I’ve been invited to sit in on all of the teleconferences that they have. The team members have all come from amazing business schools, such as Harvard Business School, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and of course the Haas School of Business, so they have a lot of great experiences to share with me. I was treated as if I were a part of their deal team since they allowed me to take on some of the responsibilities that an analyst would have and allowed me to actually work on a pitch by myself as the sole analyst, when they thought I was ready to do so. I am extremely excited to return full-time to MHT MidSpan.

Denice Sy
Class of 2014

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