FAST Spring 2014 Fashion Show: Continuum

FAST 4While UC Berkeley is well-renowned in many fields, our university is not known to be fashion-oriented. Unlike UC Davis and UC Irvine, UC Berkeley does not offer any Fashion related majors. To encourage university involvement and foster a creative fashion community at Cal, Fashion and Student Trends (FAST), an all student-run organization, produces a fashion show each semester featuring UC Berkeley designers and models.

Spring 2012 FAST show: Leslie Hamachi’s design

I stumbled upon FAST spring of my freshman year when one of my friends, Ming Cong, who is now co-president, decided to design for the show and asked me to model for her. Being a model for FAST and watching students
pursue their passion for both designing and modeling has been inspirational to say the least. I have witnessed the unparalleled effort and dedication designers put into creating their pieces on top of a full course load; my previous designers had majors ranging from Chemistry to Pure Math to History. UC Berkeley’s FAST gives students interested in the fashion industry, regardless of their studies, a unique entrance into corporate fashion experience.

Co-president Sophia Dutra modeling a dress made by Jane Luo
Co-president Sophia Dutra modeling a dress made by Jane Luo

Co-president and Haas student, Sophia Dutra, said that, “Being show director of FAST allows me to combine my love for fashion with business. I utilize the skills Haas has provided me with, including time management, organizational, leadership, and communication, directly to running my club and each show.” Sophia elaborated on her experience and the opportunities FAST has given her: “Aside from meeting wonderful people, FAST has allowed me to take risks and try new things. I am able to be as creative as I want in my leadership position, and I feed off of the talent that surrounds me. FAST has also provided me with many networking experiences in which I was able to talk to successful designers, sellers, and fashion bloggers. I am very thankful that I found FAST my freshman year and that I have been able to give back to a club that has given me so much.”

The theme for this semester’s fashion show on Saturday, May 3rd is Continuum. Co-president Ming Cong says that the structure of the show, featuring 25 designers and 80 models, works as a continuum itself. While each look in a collection varies slightly with the next, the difference from the first look to the final look of a collection is often drastic. The show will portray a variety of interpretations, including structural continuum, color continuum, and chronological continuum.

Above features co-president and designer Ming Cong
Above features co-president and designer Ming Cong

Along with cultivating a fashion community at Cal, a portion of the ticket sales’ proceeds will be donated to Loved Twice, a non-profit organization that collects gently used baby clothing and redistributes it to hospitals, shelters, and clinics for disadvantaged newborns.

The show begins at 7pm on Saturday, May 3rd at the Clark Kerr Krutch Theater. Tickets can be purchased for the pre-sale price of $8 on Sproul until May 2nd, and are $10 at the door. Don’t miss your chance to support student-run organizations and be inspired by the creativity of your fellow Berkeley students!

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