Berkeley Women in Business Banquet 2014

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On Friday evening, May 2, 2014, Barney’s Gourmet Burgers at Shattuck was swarmed with Berkeley Women in Business (BWIB) members, all celebrating the end of a great school year for the student organization. It is the campus group’s most popular event of the year, featuring most involved membership awards to ‘Thank You’ gifts for BWIB’s leadership and seniors.

The banquet was coordinated by BWIB’s Membership Development committee, led by incoming junior, Kendal Madden (BS Business, BA Media Studies, 2016). She will serve as the organization’s Internal Vice President in Fall 2014. “It was a lot of fun working with my [her] committee to put it together,” says Kendal. “They did an excellent job coming up with creative ideas to make it personal for all our members!”

BWIB has a mentorship program that pairs freshmen and sophomores to experienced juniors and seniors. The goal of the program is to build a strong inner club network, while exposing mentees to greater professional, academic, and personal development opportunities and resources through the guidance of their mentors. All participating mentors and mentees received awards of recognition, in addition to a special certificate given to mentees who attended the most BWIB events over the school year.

The executive officers were given time on stage to express their gratitude to respective committee members, as well. Some of whom will be taking higher-level leadership positions next semester. BWIB seniors were also treated extra special. According to Kendal, “it was a very special opportunity for us all to celebrate a successful year together! It was very bittersweet seeing our senior go, but they have helped us so much and I know they are all moving on to bigger things. They have definitely left their mark on our club and helped me grow as a leader.” Each senior received a red rose and a box of handwritten letters as a gesture of love and appreciation from continuing undergraduate members.

Current BWIB Executive Board (2013-2014)
Current BWIB Executive Board (2013-2014)

The final agenda for the night was the introduction of the new executive board, where each VP excitedly announced their successors. BWIB’s current President, Alyssa Tio (BS Business, 2014), who got teary-eyed while making her closing speech, remarked that “BWIB has more than doubled its size since I joined as a freshman, and I think that alone says how wonderful of a community it is.” When asked about her expectations for BWIB moving forward, Alyssa says “These girls not only get to learn and develop professionally together, but it’s my hope that they also develop lifelong friendships while they’re here. It’s been amazing to see our younger members develop and grow — I know this organization has a bright future ahead with these members leading the way!” BWIB alum and former President, Sandy Diao (BS Business, 2013), also graced the event.

The event concluded with a “Good-bye” video produced and directed by BWIB’s current VP of Marketing, Christopher Van (BA Media Studies, Minor in French, 2016). Andrea Bejar (BA Political Economy, Minor in Public Policy, 2015) and BWIB University Relations Committee member shares “I liked the video with the comments of the seniors graduating.” The video included shots showing BWIB tabling around campus, which Andrea, among other attendees, also appreciated.

Overall the event was a huge success! Attendees loved the great food and romantic atmosphere prepared by BWIB’s Membership Development team. Furthermore, BWIB always hosts professional events and require members to come in either business or semi-business attires. Members enjoyed seeing everyone in formal dresses, while socializing in a relaxing and comfortable environment.

Denice Sy
Class of 2014

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