Career Profiles: Stephanie Tran, Twitter, Tech & Media

Career Profiles is a series of posts that will feature Haas students who have accepted an internship or full time job offer across various industries. This one is on Tech & Media.

Stephanie Tran is a senior at the Haas School of Business. She has served as the VP of Membership for the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority in 2012, and VP of Membership for the UC Berkeley Panhellenic Council. Stephanie is also an inducted member of the Phi Beta Kappa honors society. She has interned for Teacher Created Materials under Operations, Marketing, and International Sales, for the Summers of 2010-2012. Stephanie has also done marketing for True & Co Lingerie and has had an externship with Conde Cast in 2013. She interned for KPMG doing advisory services last summer, and will be joining Twitter’s internal sales team post-graduation.

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What made you decide to pursue tech? What makes it so interesting to you?

I think the interest really stemmed from our location in the Bay Area! We’re surrounded by so many great tech companies that it kind of just made sense to check them out. I also am an avid tweeter and have always loved the company, so I decided to go check it out.

What’s cool about tech is that after the internet boom, companies have been figuring out innovative ways to leverage the power of the internet in creative ways. Twitter is definitely a great example of this; their mission to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly is powerful, without barriers– look at its use during the Arab Spring! There is also a lot of growth potential in tech. The need to constantly innovate and create to stay relevant keeps things exciting!

How was the interview process for Twitter (or subsidiary of Twitter)?

I applied directly on Twitter’s website and responded to a few postings. For tech companies, I found that going directly to the site was most effective because a lot of them don’t come on campus to recruit. I first had a phone screen with a recruiter, then a call with my manager where I went through a phone call exercise, and lastly a full day of back to back interviews in office. I thought the in-office interviews were extremely beneficial to have; I got to meet the entire team that I’ll be working with starting June 2nd!

You interned for KPMG over the summer. What made you shift industries?

I had an amazing time interning for KPMG. The Big Four treat their interns extremely well, and the camaraderie built between the interns is unrivaled. But when it came to deciding whether or not to take the full time offer, I wanted to find a position that I felt played more to my strengths. I had previously had a Sales internship at an educational publishing company and I thought it was so fun and a new challenge. Being in Sales will give me the opportunity to meet app developers and talk to them about the power of the ad exchange, MoPub.

Haas students tend to pursue the ABCs. Do you think this prevalence made you pursue accounting initially?

My sister is currently at a Big Four firm and she encouraged me to check out the Big Four Forum. I met some really great people and had a blast going to all the different events. I think knowing that a majority of my peers would be pursuing the ABCs, I felt a lot of security going into Accounting. I also wanted to secure an internship early in my junior year; Accounting recruited first, and everything just worked out! To be honest, I didn’t realize the prevalence of the ABCs when I first joined Haas. I started recruiting right when I started at Haas, so I don’t think I knew just how prevalent the ABCs were among my peers.

What excites you most about your post-graduation career?

I’m very excited to work for a company I love! It’ll be really interesting learning about Twitter internally as I’ve always used the site. I am also excited for the learning curve I’ll experience on the job; the team I’m working with is full of sales superstars, so I’ll be surrounding myself with the best! In practicing being a student always, I’m excited to refine my communication skills and learn about the art of selling.

Do you have any advice to give other Haas and Cal students in general, who are also interested in tech? Any resources you would suggest?

1. Think about what tech products you love, use and know really well. I think it’s very impressive when you come into a tech company and know the product inside out, and potentially have fixes that would improve the user experience.

2. Don’t give up! Tech companies don’t recruit on a certain schedule and typically look for someone to start either ASAP or in 3-4 weeks. They’re on a completely different timeline than the ABCs. If you know you want to go into tech, focus on that; it sometimes gets discouraging seeing your peers sign job offers, but just know that the timelines are completely different.

Denice Sy
Class of 2014

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