“The Haas Proposal”

“You can never imagine how much HAAS changed the both of us.” – Steven Chow

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On the Saturday evening of April 26th, 2014, the Haas Courtyard was decorated with red heart balloons, romantic music, and hiding videographers. This was all part of Steven Chow‘s (UCLA B.S. Business Economics, Minor in Accounting, 2012), surprise proposal for current Haas senior, Meixin (Tracy) Yang‘s (B.S. Business Administration, 2014) hand in marriage. Steven had been secretly planning this special event with Tracy’s close friends and family for over a month, so he was excited when everyone was so willing to get involved. Alumni also traveled long trips back to Haas to participate in the proposal.

Steven’s proposal consisted of three parts: the Messengers, the Dance, and the Proposal.

  • The Messengers

Steven reached out to Tracy’s friends to execute his plan for “The Messengers”. He had asked someone to walk Tracy to Haas via the Piedmont entrance at exactly 7:00PM, where fifteen friends would be waiting at their designated positions on the Haas staircase. One by one, the friends will be describing the significant milestones from Tracy and Steven’s relationship off of a script Steven had written out beforehand. Steven wanted Tracy to relive their important memories to make the night much more special.

  • The Dance

Twelve of Tracy’s friends met up to practice their dance number with a choreographer Steven brought in a couple nights before the special proposal. The idea of “The Dance” was to have the dancers perform simple dance moves to Stefano’s song, “Yes to Love” to better welcome Steven, as he walks in between the dance group towards Tracy for the big question.

  • The Proposal

“I don’t know how much longer we’re gonna live… or how much longer we have… but I’m gonna give you everything that I have. So will you marry me?” “YES!”

Tracy and Steven have been together for six years, with majority of that time spent long distance. Steven was studying in UCLA, while Tracy was at UC Berkeley. Nonetheless, Steven has since relocated to Northern California to be with Tracy, and support her as she finishes her undergraduate career at the Haas School of Business.

Although Steven is from UCLA and has never taken any courses at Haas, when asked why he chose the location to propose to Tracy, he answers, “the reason is relatively simple. I knew Haas is the place that not only provided Tracy an excellent environment to gain valuable knowledge, but also provided her a medium to meet great people, [and be introduced to innovative] ideas.” Steven continued, “Haas is just a life-changing place for the both of us.” He says it was where he saw “how education can make a difference and I’m pretty sure Tracy feels the same. That’s why I chose to propose there.” His marriage proposal is another invaluable addition to the immense priceless memories made at the Haas School of Business.

“You can never imagine how much HAAS changed the both of us.”

Denice Sy
Class of 2014

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