Closing Thoughts: What Made my Haas Experience Special

Haas Exterior Courtyard 01I promise this will not be an “it feels like just yesterday” article. I have never been one for nostalgia, and now is no time to start, however, I can truly say that Haas is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I want to use my last post to recognize some of the things about Haas that make it so special. I hope that this can be a message to our juniors to get pumped about their second year, and a message to our prospective students about the kind of impact our school can have on someone.

While there is no banner trait that is more deserving of praise than another, the first thanks will go out to the professors. Haas professors, while obviously qualified on paper, really add their value from caring about students. I don’t know what they are putting in the teachers lounge coffee but these guys are psyched to be alive! Each one brings passion to their subject, and for that hour and a half class, I can hardly think of anything else. They challenge us so much, yet never enough to discourage us. It is also in professors’ office hours where I have done some of my best learning at Haas. Can’t say enough about our professors… Thank you!

Undergrad program staff

Next up will be the Administration. We have dedicated staff members who are working full time to give us every advantage and bit of help we need. They know how competitive classes and students can be, and they are there to make sure that everything starts and ends smoothly. I have had countless drop-in counseling sessions to deal with class selection, ask for advice, and of course to get help from Renee on my abroad semester. These people are always happy to see me, and happy to see me doing well. You guys don’t hear it enough but you are a huge reason Haas is so successful and we thank you for it.

Dean Lyons

Next I will thank the Defining Principles, and the main driver of their success, Dean Lyons. I have always known that these principles were important to Haas, but I never had any idea how much they would start to affect me as a person. I have them written in my personal goals and affirmations and I mention them in every one of my articles. They simply work! It is special to see how the principles manifest themselves around Haas. Beyond Yourself in the Haas Center for Responsible Business, Challenge the Status Quo in the research and innovative teaching strategies all around us, Confidence Without Attitude in our very successful yet humble student body, and Student Always in our thirst for knowledge inside and outside the classroom, both during and after our time at Haas.

I also want to say a brief word about our student body.  I clearly cannot thanks individuals here, but in my 2 years at Haas I have been in classes, study groups, and project groups with some of the most competent people I have ever associated with.  It has been a pleasure working with you and I am excited as ever to keep in touch and see what you end up doing!  It is a big world out there, and I have confidence you will all do great!

Lastly I have to thank the blog and three people that have been instrumental to my first ever endeavor at non-academic writing. Tyler Wishnoff, thank you for suggesting I get involved and believing in my first article, it meant a lot. To Dinko Lakic, who told me, “we trust you guys, write about whatever you want.” From day one Dinko has been really responsive and complimentary towards me as a blog author. Lastly to Denice Sy our current editor. She puts so much time into this blog. She deals with all of the administration and planning, while I just check in once a month to post something I have been musing about. She has done a great job with it.bayview-title

I have said it before and I will say it again, GET INVOLVED WITH THIS BLOG! To current juniors and incoming students it is an amazing way to give back to Haas (Beyond Yourself) and become a better thinker and writer (Student Always). I don’t think I have ever gotten such a resounding yes from people than when I asked them, “would you mind sitting down for an interview for the Haas undergrad blog?” Use it as a tool to get in front of important people, share important thoughts, and attend important events!  Lastly from a purely selfish reason, it has made me a way better writer which will undoubtedly help me in my early career. It has even inspired me to start my own blog:, check it out!

Until next time, thanks to all mentioned and have a great summer. My next goal: do something so cool with my life that someone interviews me for the blog one day! Keep in touch folks!



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