Career Profiles: Anlin Melina, Bain & Company Consulting

Career Profiles is a series of posts that will feature Haas students who have accepted an internship or full time job offer across various industries. This one is on Consulting.

Anlin Melina is an international student from Indonesia. She is pursuing a simultaneous degree in Business Administration and South & Southeast Asian Studies. She is the president of the Berkeley Indonesian Students Association, and is a consultant for Net Impact at Berkeley. She is an inducted member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Society, and was on the Letters & Science Dean’s Honors List in 2012. She has written and published a travel narrative book sold on the Amazon Kindle Store entitled Once Upon A Blue Sky. She is also the co-founder of, a website that serves as a platform that provides easy-to-access information of candidates and voting process for Indonesia’s 2014 Legislative Election, and a contributing writer to, Asia’s number one travel and lifestyle website. She has interned for Singapore’s Economic Development Board as part of the Singaporean Government in 2012, and for Bain & Company in the summer of 2013. Melina will be joining Bain & Company as her first career post-graduation.


What made you decide to pursue consulting? What makes it so interesting to you?

Consultants travel a lot and are always on the move. I guess that’s the main thing that interests me since I love traveling and could not sit still in one place for long. The lifestyle for consultants is definitely a draw for me too. Consulting also allows me to gain various skill sets that can serve as the fundamental for my long term career goal. The work in consulting is very diverse, as we are exposed to different cases across multiple industries. Together with the fast-paced and result-driven work environment, I feel that consulting will keep me engaged and challenged.

You recruited for investment banking and consulting and were offered positions from both. What made you finally choose to stick to consulting?

The decision was difficult to make at first, as both are great positions for starting a career. However, after talking to my friends who are already working in these industries, I find that the consulting lifestyle will suit me better and I will be happier in consulting.

You interned for Bain & Company this summer. How was the interview process?

There were two case interviews (about 30 minutes each) in the San Francisco office with the Consultants, followed by another two case interviews (about 40-45 minutes each) in Boston with the Partners for final rounds.

Do you have any advice would give other Haas and Cal students in general, who are also interested in i-banking? Any resources you would suggest?

I feel that regardless of the industry that you are recruiting for, it would be great if you could try to find out what exactly that you will be getting yourself into first. As for students who are interested in investment banking, I would suggest keeping up with deals on publications like WSJ or FT in addition to taking finance and accounting classes at Haas. Reading the news regularly will give a good sense of what the industry is about. Other resources that students can use is Investopedia – the site summarizes all finance and accounting stuffs that you need to know in just a few pages. It will save you a lot of time while preparing for the interviews.

What about for consulting?

Get to know the what the job is inside and out, know the companies that you are recruiting for well, and consider if you would fit in with the firm and get along well with the people that you’re going to be working with. Because especially in consulting, you would most likely be spending too much time with your team, not just on work basis, but also having meals and traveling together.

There are many resources available such as Case In Point and the likes to prepare for case interviews. But I think what’s more important is to not give the “standard answers” from these books and let your thinking process and personality show more instead.

Walk us through the daily life of a consultant.

The life of a consultant is very varied; hardly any day is the same. The things that we can do in a day will include things like team meetings, client meetings, making powerpoint slides, crunching numbers on excel, conducting expert interviews, getting up to speed with a new industry, etc. Our daily life also consists of booking air tickets and hotels, traveling on the road, and more fun things like team dinners and case team events.

What excites you most about your post-graduation career?

The fact that we never knew what case is up next for us and where we would be going next after finishing a case excites me most. For example, during my internship last summer, I was only told about my first staffing on the last day of training in Singapore, and found myself in Jakarta the next day. After finishing my first case, I was back in Singapore again for my second case before going to Kuala Lumpur for my last case. None of the staffings was planned from the beginning and I totally did not expect working across three different geographies prior to the internship.

Finally, would you recommend your experience at Bain?

Working at Bain has been a memorable experience and I had a lot of fun last summer. I really like the people that I worked with – they are some of the smartest and very passionate people that I’ve met, yet all of them are so patient and kind in teaching me the ropes.

Denice Sy
Class of 2014

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