CONTINUUM by Fashion and Student Trends

This article was contributed by current Haas junior/incoming senior, Monica Diliberto.

Fashion and Student Trends (FAST) put on yet another captivating fashion show, CONTINUUM, at the Krutch Theater on May 3, 2014. Students from the UC Berkeley community, Swagger Cosmetics, Caliber Magazine, Daily Cal, Charlotte Russe representatives, Chictopia representatives, famous bloggers and the Loved Twice representative all made fashionable appearances at the FAST Fashion Show – CONTINUUM. Not only did the audience experience the amazing talents of the UC Berkeley student designers and models, but also they were able to see the end product of the immense amount of work the FAST Executive Board Coordinators (UC Berkeley students) put into making the fashion show.

When speaking with FAST Co-President Sophia Dutra about coordinating CONTINUUM, she said, “Show day is always crazy, but that’s the fun part! Fashion is crazy, raw, and unforgiving. If you can survive show day, then you pretty much can survive anything.”

Every semester, FAST recruits new and returning talents from undergraduate and graduate students of all majors who have an unabated hunger for fashion and immense passion for design. This year, the designers where challenged to make their own line of clothing inspired by the fashion show’s theme, CONTINUUM. This progressive and easily adaptable theme allowed the twenty-four designers to create very unique and truly innovate pieces of clothing, worthy of runway status, which were modeled by UC Berkeley students.

CONTINUUM was hosted by FAST’s Co-President Ming Cong and Public Relations Director Nataly Flores. They captivated the audience with their great style and charm and generated an ambiance full of admiration and desire—of being on that runway.

Audience member, Brenna Memole, described the show as “truly inspiring and really captivating… it’s just like a big party!”.

CONTINUUM was topped off with a raffle that featured amazing prizes, such as gift cards and free merchandise, from FAST’s sponsors—Chictopia, StyleLend, JustFab, Charlotte Russe and Sway—and a commemoration of the graduating senior designers and models. FAST had seven graduating senior designers—Daisy Gonzalez, Sarah Mount, Sandra Sequeira, Rae Zhuang, Hannah Hubbard, Melanie Sherzad, and Su Wen Tan—who all made very spectacular pieces for CONTINUUM. FAST also had twelve graduating senior models—Emmelyn Hsieh, Christine Garibian, Wei Zhao, Vicky Pan, Caitlyn Mott, Ashley Zhang, Asheley Gao, Audrey Goldbaum, Pupe Thiravanitkul, and Amy Lee—of which two of the graduating seniors was FAST’s Co-President Sophia Dutra (senior model) and FAST’s Social Media Director Cleo Palmer-Poroner.

For every new fashion show FAST hosts, they choose to work with and make a donation to a charity of their choice. For this Spring semester’s show, FAST donated a 15% of their ticket sales to Loved Twice, a non-profit organization, focused on helping mothers-in-need provide clothes for their newborn babies, that collects quality reused baby clothing and redistributes their donations to hospitals, shelters and clinics. And because CONTINUUM had over 300 people in attendance, they were not only able to donate a lot of money to Loved Twice, but they were also able to have a sold out show with the highest number of attendees ever!

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