Class of 2016 Haas Undergraduate Student Orientation

It has always been my dream to call myself a Golden Bear, a student at the prestigious UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. So with that being said, I did what I had to do and made it happen.

Hello, my name is Isabelle Lee, and I am transfer student from Santiago Canyon College, and this is my experience and takeaway from the Haas New Student Orientation held on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 for the Class of 2016.

Photo Courtesy of @thebenj
Photo Courtesy of @thebenj

The orientation started off with Dean Rich Lyons’ speech in which he kindly reminded us who we were and why we were the chosen ones accepted into Haas. Consistently reminding us to continue to have that competitive edge that makes us Haas students and never lose sight on the four defining principles of Haas: Beyond Yourself, Student Always, Confidence without Attitude, Questioning the Status Quo. Dean Lyons ended his speech on a more serious note articulating that we should be “Haasome” and not “Haasholes” because we define the culture here at Haas, as we are not defined by it. As the new incoming class, we have the opportunity to seize the day by embracing and portraying the four principles of Haas through our actions.  After that, we had the Executive Director, Erika Walker, congratulate us on our achievement of admissions that made me feel like I was on top of the world! She also brought out the Undergrad Program Staff and explained which Cohorts they represented. From there, Haas Business Student Association (HBSA) President, Stacey, along with three of her colleagues, provided three tips of encouragement and advice on how to tackle our first year in Haas. .

Photo Courtesy of @lalalanicky
Breaking into our respective cohorts!

The cohort activity was an amazing opportunity for the class to network in a more casual setting by playing various games similar to speed dating and ice breakers. After the cohort activities were completed, we had a free lunch catered by Top Dog while meeting with many Haas sponsored business organizations, business clubs, and fraternities. For me, this was extremely exciting for two reasons; I got two eat two of Berkeley’s renowned Top Dogs, and I finally got to opportunity to meet face-to-face with other students of Haas School of Business.

Photo Courtesy of @itspaullee
Photo Courtesy of @yehrin

Finally, the time has come. The clock strikes 1:00PM and that meant we were allowed to get our infamous Haas backpacks. And with that came the distribution of the ‘Class of 2016’ embroidered backpack that everyone had been waiting for since 9:00AM.

Photo Courtesy of @sampersand



Lastly, something new they did this year was have a little contest to see who could capture the Berkeley-Haas moment the best. I would like to congratulations to our Undergraduate Orientation Instagram contest winner, @sampersand! @sampersand’s photo of the Class of 2016 backpack really highlighted just how #haasome the swag is. Look for her photo on Haas’ official Instagram feed (@BerkeleyHaas), and remember to tag all your Berkeley-Haas moments with #berkeleyhaas! You never know when your photo might be the next winner.

I conclude my recap of the Haas New Student Orientation for the incoming Class of 2016. After going through the orientation, I can say this: it took a lot of hard work and constant determination to get where I am today, but I know I will have to continue to beat the odds and take on more challenges. But hey, I am ready for it, and I am ready to take all that Berkeley-Haas has to offer. Go Bears!

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