Autodesk College Night- Remarkable Recruiting

On September 17, I was invited, along with other collegiate colleagues and classmates, to Autodesk’s first ever college event. This was quite possibly the most genius, fun and informative recruiting event I’ve been to. Let me tell you why.

1) There exists a cure to cancer

In a presentation at the event, Brian Matthews, Autodesk Vice President, gave a brief synopsis of all the world-changing projects made possible by the products that Autodesk makes. In addition to curing cancer by creating a 3D printed DNA cage, Autodesk and its partners have found solutions to building more sustainable urban infrastructure, efficient furniture, and better hospitals, among other things. The future is bright my friends, there is hope.

2) Guac

There was lots of it. To complement the guacamole were tacos, drinks, drinks, and activities. Additionally, I crafted a Giraffe using the same layering concept as 3D printers. This interactive experience really got me into the Maker spirit– I created mental prototypes the whole Bart ride home. Not to mention, the Giraffe was a great conversation starter with our Bay Area brothers and sisters.

3) Telling your friends that you’re going to a “Gallery Event”

Wow, so bougie, so sophisticated. At one corner, a 3D printed car. At the other corner, a model of a new Cathedral being built in Oakland. Looking around were folks in their trendy-but professional outfits at standing tables with Agua Fresca in their glasses, talking about new design paradigms. We enhanced our social media presences by hashtaging #AutodeskCollegeNight. Staring across the Bay Bridge, we can’t help but think about our compadres hovering over problem sets at Cafe Milano.

OK, but seriously, this event is what all recruiting events should be. On this Wednesday night, I was fully engaged in creating my 3D Giraffe model, jamming to Mapei, and sipping on a craft brew. Meanwhile, the recruiters organically flowed in and out conversations, providing business cards, and taking selfies with 3D cardboard designs. Speaking on behalf of  millenials with existential crises,  this event satisfied my yearning for a place to build a meaningful career → work that creates impact. Autodesk not only gave a proper education and exposure to their business, showing off their gallery provided an elite inspiration that has meaningful and real impact in the world. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

PSA: Switch up the Triple Rock routine. Enjoy your Autodesk Gallery Experience at Design Night on Thursdays

*Images from Autodesk Gallery Facbook Page

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