OPPORTUNITY: Crack the Case Workshop

If you’re interested in consulting or case interviews, come to the Crack the Case Workshop this Sunday, October 12th from 10 am to 6 pm.  This event is open to all students on campus, so if you have friend who you think will benefit please forward this information along to them.   This event is perfect for juniors who want to get a jump start on preparing for internship recruiting.  
Crack the Case typically costs $950 for a 4 hour session, but HBSA is offering highly discounted tickets for $75 for an 8 hour interactive session!
 (In order to register if you are a non-business major you will need to create a campus groups account.  If you are having trouble registering please email staceypatten@berkeley.edu.)
The Crack the Case Workshop will Feature:
     – Case interview structure and overview
     – Advanced case study techniques
     – In depth guide to case frameworks
     – How to develop answer first IMPACT stories
     – Learn how to show off CLASSIC skills that interviewers need to see
     – Market sizing practice and integrated thinking
     – Learn the SPEAK and FRAME methods
     – Solve mini and full business cases
The Crack the Case Workshop will be taught by former Bain consultant Rikin Vasani.  Rikin is a Haas School of Business alumni who worked at Bain for four years prior to becoming a case interview coach.  At Bain, Rikin managed the summer intern program, new hire training, and was involved in unique casework that studied how major consulting firms select top talent.  After be left Bain, he became the “go-to” person on case interviews for numerous MBA and undergraduate students.  For more information regarding Rikin’s expertise with case interview coaching check out his full bio here:  http://www.mbacase.com/coaching/rikin-vasani/.
This one-day workshop will include the following: case overviews, communication, logic, analytics and IMPACT stories. Market sizing practice and integrated thinking using the SPEAK and FRAME methods. You will then put these concepts into practice and solve a mini and a full business case. What to bring: Pen and paper, Laptop/iPad, and your brain!
Find out more about Crack the Case visit http://www.mbacase.com/
Hope to see you guys there!
Isabelle Lee
Class of 2016

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  1. Hi,

    I’m a student with from a community college. I subscribed to HASS’ blog. I was wondering if I’m allowed to attend this event even if I’m in a community college. Please let me know.


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