Coffee, study, barely sleep, repeat!

It’s 9:07 am, Monday morning. I lock up my bike, make my way down the stairs, and begrudgingly enter Cheit Hall, room 230 for another round of 102A with Professor Brooks. Don’t get me wrong, the class is surprisingly interesting and probably more applicable to future employment than I realize. However, something about balance sheets on a Monday morning gives me sudden indigestion, leaving me convinced that staying in bed would have given me two times the amount of expected utility (I know, that’s Econ, not an accounting reference) than attending class would. Alas, I slam some coffee, pull out a calculator and get ready to count some stuff; mostly minutes to the next class.

A Brooks tradition, she posts a comic strip that has some vague connection to finance or accounting. The projector kicks out an image onto the screen, and I spot one of the characters inferring that there are only two certainties in life: “Death and Taxes”. I believe the other character insinuates if that’s the case, he plans on becoming an “accountant or a mortician”. My recollection of the specific dialogue is fuzzy, probably because I fell out of my seat from side splitting laughter. Or maybe it was that balance sheet induced indigestion. Regardless, it got me thinking. What are the certainties in life at Haas? After a little over a month down and a round of midterms complete, I’m confident in saying that at the very least, a lack of sleep and sacrifice of a personally sacred pastime, are two unavoidable realities every student faces inside the top undergraduate business program in the nation.

Oh ESPN, how I miss thee. Baseball Tonight, NFL Live, College Gameday… We had some great times. I remember a time not so long ago when we spent many a weekend together. You so graciously gave me hours of premium sports entertainment while only asking that I put off studying until Sunday Night Football wrapped up around 9pm. Once the game ended, I spent the next 2-3 hours successfully maintaining my 18 credit Community College course load. It was a perfect relationship. I put off studying, managed to get good grades and you provided a weekend of incredible matchups and analysis. LOOOOONNNGGGG gone are those days. My Sunday now involves waking up to check my academic calendar, not whether Calvin Johnson is healthy enough to start for my Fantasy Football team. A pot of coffee later (sometimes more depending on the severity of my Saturday Eve), I’m flipping through textbooks, not televised games and evaluating economic models, not my Fantasy Football lineup.
Thanks to 30 ounces of Peet’s Major Dickinson Blend, I have little trouble focusing on coursework and study material. This however is a double edged sword because while all that delicious roast keeps me focused, it also hinders my ability to shut my eyes and partake in the thing I used to be so good at: Sleep. I know, I know, the caffeine overdose is not a “Haas” problem, that’s a “me” problem. However tragic my Monday morning plight may be, coffee has repeatedly proven itself a winner in the arena of academic achievement. Why change your starting pitcher in the 9th inning if he’s throwing a shutout?? Until proven otherwise, coffee is the reason I succeed in college.

The childlike wonder of weekends has been replaced with the cruel “adult” reality that Sunday is more of a pre-Monday, than it is a follow up to Saturday. Coffee, study, barely sleep, repeat. Such is the life here at Haas, and I wouldn’t change it for a thing… Except an internship, just kidding.

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