Haas Undergraduate Reception – Dean Richard Lyons

On October 8th, Dean Rich Lyons hosted his annual Fall Haas Undergraduate Reception in the Wells Fargo Room. Students gathered to listen to Dean Lyons, as well as other staff members from the Haas community, to speak about current news that is going on with the Haas School of Business. In addition to our Dean, students had the opportunity to hear from the representatives of Alumni Relations, Career Services and the Undergraduate Program Office—all very important topics that Haas students are always curious about!

Dean Lyons 1
Dean Richard Lyons speaking at the Wells Fargo Room at the Haas School of Business.

Dean Richard Lyons spoke about a topic that is very vital to our success as students in the business field—branding. Starting with a rhetorical question, he asked: “What do I do as the Dean of the Haas School of Business? I travel and bring the brand of Haas everywhere.” Enhancing and promoting the Haas brand is imperative to the success and status of the Haas School of Business. In his recent trip to China, he met with the top 5 Leadership Academies and noted that there is a huge philosophical connection between the Chinese culture and that of UC Berkeley—specifically, with Haas. Dean Lyons pointed out that because our culture at Haas resonates so much with the Confucius history of China, we are able to not only establish such strong relationships with these Leadership Academy Executives, but also to equally strengthen the brand of our school. And how, might you ask, does Dean Richard Lyons successfully promote the brand of our school? I believe we all know these by heart now—the 4 Defining Principles:

  1. Question the Status Quo
  2. Confidence Without Attitude
  3. Students Always
  4. Beyond Yourself

The second topic for Dean Lyons speech was on the Haas School of Business finances. Here at Haas, we are very fortunate to have such a diverse platform of funds that support our operating budget. A portion of our operating budget comes from the philanthropy of the wonderful Haas Alumni and the Annual Alumni Funds. Another part of our budget comes from current used gifts and our fantastic endowment; what was also noted was that our endowment at Haas has the fastest rate of grown compared to all other endowments. The state of California and the UC Berkeley campus also give us funds to support our operating budget. However, Dean Lyons made a point to note that because of our ability to run a lot of self-supporting programs, a portion of the MBA revenues actually go back to the campus and state. In fact, we actually send to the campus more than what we get from them! In summarizing the Haas School of Business finances, Dean Lyons made a point to say that we are not very far apart nor competitively disadvantaged, financially, compared to other business schools in the country. The UC Berkeley Haas School of Business is largely financed by Haas Alumni, the endowment and self-supporting programs within our business school, all of which is why Haas is so successful in supporting its own students.

Dean Lyons 2
Dean Richard Lyons addressing the student body about “expectations” during his Undergraduate Reception.

Dean Lyons concluded his Undergraduate Reception speech by speaking to the topic of expectations from our Alumni and of the current undergraduate students at Haas. Haas expects that the Alumni will help our current students throughout their endeavors. Alumni have the ability to steer current Haas students to the right jobs (as well as the right jobs to us) because they know our worth and talent. The Dean made a point to share with his audience the fact that good schools, specifically the Haas School of Business, trust in the talent of their students.  However, and he emphasized this very well, Berkeley-Haas is much greater than this! We support our own here at the Haas School of Business and our responsibility, as students and faculty and alumni, is to enhance our school. We all must go “beyond ourselves” in order to help one another and uphold the high expectations Haas has for us. Just like the great business leaders and managers of the world, we, as students, must build our careers by developing the people around us. And just how Dean Lyons stated in the conclusion of his address, always remember: We proudly wear the uniform; we always wear the Haas School of Business!

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