Haas Halloween Themed Happy Hour

Every other Thursday, Haas Business Student Association (HBSA) hosts Haas Happy Hour. It was originally started by Rosemary Hua (previous HBSA President of 13-14). The main purpose of Haas Happy Hours is to enable Haas students to share their unique experiences in a casual and intimate setting.


This past weekend, HBSA hosted a Halloween themed Haas Happy Hour and it was a very memorable experience.
When I say memorable, I don’t mean just because of the taco, kitty cat, cereal killer (such a funny play of words), and Rosie the Riveter costumes that everyone dressed up in but because there was an overwhelming 50+ students and MBA’s in attendance!

Picture Courtesy of HBSA
Picture Courtesy of HBSA

More specifically, it was awesome to bring the community of Haas Undergraduates and MBAs together, as one community during this festive holiday. It was refreshing to see and network with the MBAs in a much more casual and relaxed setting. You can definitely tell by the pictures that everyone had a great time. We cannot forget to mention about the exquisite variety of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drink options available. With the mixture of Berkeley undergraduate and aspiring business professionals there was no doubt that we got to meet some extremely successful people. Some that might possibly be willing to host workshops with us in the near future (especially the finance department)!

Picture Courtesy of HBSA
Picture Courtesy of HBSA
Picture Courtesy of HBSA
Picture Courtesy of HBSA

The Cohort Program with the help of Rafsun Faiz, VP of Finance for HBSA, planned and hosted the event. Rafsun explained their decision on changing the venue to Pappy’s was based on the Haas students’ feedback. Also connecting both MBA’s and undergrads together was a priority for the Cohort Program and Rafsun. Thanks to their continuous efforts, we are slowly bridging the gap between the MBA’s and the undergrads. Many students liked the change in venues, HBSA President, Stacey Patten thought that “switching the venues seemed to enhance the event, as the atmosphere was far more intimate than previous Haas Happy Hours. It was nice seeing students sitting together, appearing relaxed and enjoying each other’s company.  I’m certainly looking forward to more events like this in the future!”

-Isabelle Lee | Class of 2016

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