Cal Bears on the Run

It is easy to forget that our lives as Cal students are much more then endless nights of studying and days of sleep deprivation. We students go beyond ourselves in unique ways everyday. One-way two exceptional students tested their limits was by participating in the annual Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Slowing down, or speeding up, in the case of seniors Mansie Cheung and Tara Rastogi, allows them an outlet for one of their passions: running!

On October 19th these two outstanding women participated in the 2014 San Francisco Nike Women’s Half Marathon. The Nike Women’s Half Marathon (NWHM) takes place every October and is open to all genders. Usually participants have to enter a raffle drawing in hopes of being selected for a spot, however one perk we receive as students is guaranteed entry and a discounted participation fee as part of the NWHM College Student Program. You also get a T-shirt, signature Nike Women’s Half Marathon Tiffany’s necklace, and are greeted at the finish line by firemen in tuxedos. I can’t imagine a better way to finish 13.1 miles!


Senior Mansie Cheung has participated in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon for the past 3 years. This busy Business Administration and Psychology double major is the President of Berkeley Women in Business, is involved in campus research, and still finds spare time to run! When talking to Mansie about why she enjoys running she explains running helps her focus and get started every morning. She loves running so she works to make it a priority in her everyday life. After completing the race this year she reflects saying she felt amazing, and that it was the best race she had ever ran. Mansie exudes excitement as she explains, “I look forward to running this race each year and I am so glad I have stuck with it, I feel so accomplished as I cross the finish line!” Mansie plans to find more marathons to conquer after she graduates in the spring. Until then she is left with fond memories of “how inspiring it is to run with other strong active women” and would highly encourage every college student to participate in the NWHM.

Senior and Political Economy major Tara Rastogi was a first time participant in the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Tara is extremely involved on campus as the Member Relations VP of Berkeley Women in Business. When she is not running in her free time you will usually find her job hunting and making the most of her senior year. Tara enjoys running because it is a great stress reliever and frees her from the responsibilities of school. When describing how she felt after completing the race Tara explains, “I was so excited, I had been looking forward to running this race for awhile and seeing my friends faces at the finish line was amazing! I also wanted to collapse!” Tara can definitely see herself running the NWHM again in the future and advises people contemplating running this race to be prepared. “There are a lot of big hills in San Francisco so definitely train beforehand. Also, make sure you have a great playlist for the run!” As her first half marathon, finishing the race was a great accomplishment. Tara adds, “There is major girl power at this race! I even heard people on the sidelines singing Beyoncé lyrics! Everyone in the race dresses up and wears bright colors, it was a blast!”

So if you are looking for a challenge, and think a race would be a great way to test your limits and mix up your semester consider registering for the 2015 Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Like Mansie and Tara, you may discover that you have a passion for running too!

Kendal Madden

Class of 2016

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