Business Club Profiles: Berkeley Women in Business



With so many clubs on campus to choose from, Samantha Lee- first year, intended business- is confident and excited to join Berkeley Women in Business where she has been able to explore the world of business and meet such a great community of members.  


Here is what Samantha has to say:

As a freshman at Cal, I was so excited to be a part of something – a club, a team, anything – that would help me feel like I belonged in the large sea of students at such a diverse campus. As an intended undergraduate Business Administration major, I wanted to find a club that curtailed to my particular interest of business. Roaming around Sproul Plaza during Calapalooza was overwhelming, at best. There were so many business clubs and fraternities – at the time I didn’t even know that co-ed fraternities existed and that even the girls are called brothers. With all of these different options at my fingertips, I spent that night in my room at my desk comparing each flyer and each website of each group in hopes of finding my best fit.


Despite the assumption that its name might have, Berkeley Women in Business (BWIB) is open to all majors and all genders. It really focuses on providing professional development and networking opportunities for undergraduates looking to prepare for the business world. I was drawn to the club because it wasn’t specific to a certain concentration of business, but rather introduces you to the business world as a whole. As of now, I have no idea which area of business I want to pursue, but by working on different committees in the club, I plan on finding my passion and working with what I have learned from BWIB from there.


Companies such as Wells Fargo, Ernst & Young, and Oracle have all come to give presentations for BWIB members this semester already. The recent presentation from Oracle was one of the most interesting presentations I have been to yet. It was a women’s leadership panel, and four women came to speak about their jobs at the tech company. Two of the women were recent Cal grads, so it was nice to see that they have landed such great jobs at such a large and prestigious company. It was surprising to me that Oracle had such a large program dedicated to women’s leadership. The insight that they shared as women in the tech industry was very rewarding. The networking opportunities that Oracle offers members of BWIB are unique in that they are direct and personal, unlike many other networking events you would come across.


BWIB has presented me with so many great learning opportunities in the short amount of time I have been a member, and I am so excited for the more opportunities to come.

Berkeley Women in Business is an ASUC and Haas sponsored business organization on campus. For more information, please visit us at

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