Target Corporate Social Responsibility Case Competition

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The Competition: Target Corporate Social Responsibility Case Competition

The Outcome: 1st place

The Team: Maria Chang (Haas ’16), Michelle Leon (Haas ’16), Jessica Ou (Haas ’16), Michael Zhou (Haas ’15)

The Challenge: Create a Sustainability Merchandising Plan specific to either Personal Care/Beauty, Home, or Household Chemicals, and focus on delivering this strategy through the lens of Target’s Merchandising Strategy.

The Process:

We first attended the Case Competition kickoff, where there was a case competition introduction and a presentation on what defined a sustainable business. Then, we watched a video clip from Target about its goals and mission, and was presented the actual case challenge. To conclude the kickoff, there was a student team Q&A, in which we could ask the Center for Responsible Business and the team from Target any questions we had.

Shortly afterwards, we got started on creating our solution. Throughout our work, we encountered a few road bumps and ended up having a few questions. We were able to ask these and get our questions answered on the conference call with Target representatives a few days later.

After we finished developing our solution, we were able to present it in front of a panel of three Target management leaders in a 10 minute presentation followed by a 5 minute Q&A.

The Haas Factor:

The competition was hosted by the Center for Responsible Business. Building upon a decade of real-world research, teaching and industry engagement, the Center for Responsible Business (CRB) at the Haas Business School is an “action-tank” that brings together students, company leaders and faculty to redefine business and create a sustainable future.

Most memorable experience from the competition:

We learned a ton about corporate sustainability through the competition. Not only this, but it was interesting to learn about the shifting attitudes in consumer purchasing for sustainable goods. It was definitely a ton of fun working with my team until 5 AM the night before the presentation, and practicing all day the next day. I would definitely suggest anyone interested in doing a case competition to try it out for the amazing experience!

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