First Semester Thoughts: A Bittersweet Feeling

It is crazy to think my first semester at Berkeley-Haas is already coming to an end. Yes, I do think the semester has flown by. It was just yesterday that I remember taking BART to orientation and feeling like a high school freshman all over again- not really sure what to expect, but excited to be where I dreamed to end up for so many years. So I want to take a moment to reflect on my experience so far as a transfer student. To say the least, the journey has been an unforgettable ride and I am extremely thankful to be part of such a diverse and special place.

Embracing the Cal spirit
Embracing the Cal spirit

As a transfer, the first couple of weeks were overwhelming and mostly about adjusting to the changes. But I was blown away by the amount of resources and support Haas has to offer! And I learned very quickly Haas is not what I heard or pictured it would be. Yes, it is competitive. Yes, you have to work really hard. And yes, there are good and bad days. But that’s life; Haas is like any other place, and you have so many opportunities to make the most of it. I have had my share of “the admissions people must have made a mistake in choosing ME to go here,” but I have also had my share of being extremely grateful and not wanting to go leave for the day.


Enjoying a CAL v. Stanford game
Enjoying a CAL v. Stanford game- Go Bears!

As expected, I took my share of classes, managed a blog, continued volunteering, held a part-time job, and began looking for a summer internship. But I learned balance is also necessary. I had the opportunity to go to two football games, Go Bears! I have tried so many foods that Freshman 15 is really Transfer 20. But who can resist the amazing food Berkeley has to offer? Those Taco Bowls and brownies at FIFO are not helping… Oh, I somehow managed to keep a regular sleeping schedule and try hitting the gym (walking around campus counts though).


But probably the best thing about Berkeley and Haas is that I have been very fortunate to meet so many new faces and make great friends. I have enjoyed meeting other students from Italy, Australia, India, Germany, Iran, and all over the United States to name a few. I never imagined it to be so easy to work with such a diverse, supportive group. And as a transfer, that is why the semester has been manageable and a smooth transition.

Some fellow transfer friends
Some fellow transfer friends:)

Some of the other transfer students say they are thankful for:

The opportunities Haas has to offer; jobs, workshops, classes, etc.

                  Such amazing, supportive new friends and fellow transfers.

Surviving the first semester.

                  The outstanding professor that challenge me everyday.

 So Haas has a lot to offer, but I am a Berkeley student as well. When I find myself at Haas all day and surrounded only by business students, I like to take a break and visit the other parts of campus. Berkeley truly is an incredible place! For one, the campus and buildings are gorgeous. Sitting at Memorial Glade and hearing the Campanile is enough to turn any stressful day into a peaceful one. Or studying at the Doe Library- enough said there.

Taking a quick break to enjoy the beauties of our campus
Taking a quick break to enjoy the beauties of our campus

Yeah, I do have a lot more to say about my first semester, but the smell of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie is making it hard to write. So with that, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! This year, I am thankful for the wonderful opportunity to be a Berkeley-Haas student. And I am thankful for the amazing friends I have met so far that have been supportive and fun to share this journey with. My first semester at Haas has truly been haasome and a bittersweet feeling as it is coming to an end.

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