The Big Give

Senior, Ramandeep Mann participating in the Big Give

For the first time last Thursday, the entire Cal community came together in a single day to support every possible school, program, and giving area across campus. This act was called The Big Give fundraising campaign. Records were broken, contests were fueled by a spirited competition, and videos and images were shared far and wide.

As the number one public university and second best undergraduate business program, we as a Berkeley-Haas community are extremely fortunate to receive a private school education while paying a public school cost.  Through the generosity of donors we are able to receive benefits such as free printing, Haas specific career counselors, and learning in one of the most refined facilities on campus. For this Big Give campaign, computers were set up in front of the Bank of America forum for students to give back and donate. Between 5-6 pm on that day of giving, Haas went head to head against the EECS department to see who would have the most student donors. Victory was ours! As a Haas community we won an additional $1,500 dollars as well as the title of “Most Student Donors”. Overall Haas raised $560,920 dollars last Thursday during the event!

Juniors, Isabelle Lee and Miguel Elizaga donating and bear clawing Stanford’s tree!

Undergraduate Student & Alumni Engagement Associate Director, Alessandra Demmons, who helped oversee the fundraising efforts, proudly stated “It was inspiring to see so many alumni and students come together to support Berkeley-Haas.  The day was about ‘what makes Berkeley a big deal to you,’ I think the Haas alumni community showed students that they care about the student experience and want to ensure Haas remains a top tier business school.” Daniel Phan, a junior, was a part of the Student Gift Campaign at Haas, a group of Haas students who promote philanthropy and a culture of giving on campus. He exclaimed that he donated to the Big Give because he wanted to support programs that have benefited him while he still is a student. After donating, Daniel felt great since he knew he was supporting something special and playing a part in what makes Haas, Haas.

Big Give Check being shown at the Big Game!

Being that today is Thanksgiving, I just wanted to give thanks to a school that allows me to gain priceless knowledge from day one. Being a student at Haas has always been a dream of mine for as long as I could remember. Being as transfer student, I am constantly overwhelmed with the stresses of adapting to a new school as well as recruiting. The Big Give gave me an opportunity to look at the bigger picture, de-stress, and really value my Haas experience and all the whirlwind of emotions it gave me. With that being said, I hope everyone has an amazing and relaxed Thanksgiving. Cheers to giving thanks and a higher education!

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