Business Club Profiles: Alpha Kappa Psi

3On November 6th, Alpha Kappa Psi hosted an event called The Internet of Things. In the Andersen Auditorium, 250 students packed the room to learn about how the world is becoming increasingly interconnected through technology.



The Internet of Things describes the phenomenon where all humans, objects, machines, and even animals are connected through hardware and software. This could include a person with a heart monitor implant, a car with built-in sensors to alert the driver of nearby traffic, or a farm animal with a biochip transponder. All of these devices could be used to transmit data into a network and connect all the things in the world.


Students were able to listen to esteemed speakers from HP, Cisco, Qualcomm, ARM, and Ayla. Many of these executives discussed fascinating statistics about how the world is set to evolve, including a projected 27 billion smart devices by 2020 and an estimated $14.4 Trillion market. With such a valuable market available to businesses, each speaker spoke about the importance of taking big steps in creating unique products and services that could capture this market.


The event started with an introduction of The Internet of Things from Cisco’s representative. After a thorough explanation of how Cisco is entering the field, ARM’s representative described how his company is building the architecture for the digital world. Qualcomm and Ayla’s representatives each discussed the importance of spreading awareness about this phenomenon, and the speaker series concluded with a word from HP’s Chief Engineer, who holds over 100 patents.


1The event concluded with a Q&A session, in which students were given the opportunity to express their curiosity and ask their questions. Then, an iPad Air was raffled out to the crowd. Lastly, there was a short reception at the Haas Courtyard, where students were treated to free Chipotle burritos and Sliver pizza. Overall, the event was a huge success, and we hope the students learned a lot and gained a lot of value from the event.





Ben Chon is a Senior at Haas also minoring in Creative Writing. He was born and raised in Southern California, and served as President of Alpha Kappa Psi in the Fall of 2014. In his spare time, Ben enjoys reading fiction, traveling with his DSLR, and following tennis and basketball. 

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