Fashion and Student Trends (FAST) LEGACY Fashion Show – Fall 2014

Closing out the end of the Fall 2014 Semester at UC Berkeley was the Fashion and Student Trends’ (FAST) Fall Fashion Show – LEGACY – on Sunday, December 7th.   With record breaking attendance, students, Berkeley community members, faculty and Bay Area fashion lovers strutted their way over to Krutch Theatre at Clark Kerr to bask in the ambiance of haute couture on a beautifully created fashion runway – and the photographs of the set design and design collections do not disappoint.

Marie Schonfeld wearing Tina Xu | Photo by: Dickens Chong
Marie Schonfeld wearing Tina Xu | Photo by: Dickens Chong

FAST LEGACY began with a warm welcome from FAST’s Presidents, Ming Cong and Cory Mohn. Shortly after, Monica Diliberto, 4th year Business Administration major and Director of Internal Affairs for FAST, and Nataly Flores, 4th year Media Studies major and Public Relations Director for FAST, were introduced as the hosts for the FAST LEGACY Fashion Show this fall semester. With their style and charm, they captivated the audience and introduced the theme of LEGACY.

This semester, FAST chose Wardrobe for Opportunity as their nonprofit partner for the Fashion Show. Wardrobe for Opportunity is a local nonprofit organization that empowers low-income individuals who are on the path towards economic stability. FAST donates 10% of their ticket proceeds every semester to a nonprofit partner with the goal of supporting a great cause that is fashion-related. In addition to the nonprofit partner, FAST had their sponsors attend the fashion show and allowed their major sponsor, The Hunt, to host a raffle so that audience members could earn prizes throughout the show. Other sponsors for FAST LEGACY included Her Campus, Peach, Sa Sa designs by the Dear, KIND and Vita Coco. And with a huge thanks to the Paul Mitchell team, all designers were able to fully achieve the complete looks they wanted through the talents of all the hair and makeup artists. And last, but certainly not least, FAST partnered with the CAL Set Design DeCal to create the most unique runway they have ever done—an X inspired runway that featured two shattered glass-covered hands in the center of the stage.

X inspired FAST LEGACY Runway.
X inspired FAST LEGACY Runway.

In light of the 50th Anniversary of the Free Speech Movement, in addition to the recent protests that have been happening around the UC Berkeley campus and greater Bay Area, FAST inspired their student designers to create collections that would best represent their own legacies that they would leave behind on this campus. When speaking to a few student-designers at the end of FAST LEGACY about what they wanted their legacy to be at CAL and what were some of their favorite parts about designing for FAST this semester, they replied with the following:


“For my collection, I was inspired a lot by change and by how I have changed so much at CAL.  Each piece changes in the collection in some form or fashion and I, myself, have changed a lot too.  We change a lot over the course of time; however, what is left behind after every transformation in our leave is the Legacy which we are constantly perpetuating.”  – Zackary Harris, Sophomore, Cognitive Science and Gender & Women’s Studies

FAST LEGACY Monica Diliberto and Zackary Harris
Monica Diliberto (Host) and Zackary Harris (Designer)

“My collection was based on the idea of collective legacy—to question and reflect on my position of power and privilege in this society. That was translated through my minimal and avant-garde aesthetics within my collection. I wanted everyone to be critical of my pieces.”  – Shahir Shukor, Junior, Economics

Ilana Ostrov wearing Shahir Shukor | Photo by: Dickens Chong
Ilana Ostrov wearing Shahir Shukor | Photo by: Dickens Chong

“As a designer, the most rewarding thing is always being very frantic over the course of [the] semester and then seeing all of your work at the show.”  – Tina Xu, Sophomore, Intended Business Administration/Economics

Tina Xu with her models.
Tina Xu with her models.


This Fall semester, FAST had a total of 24 student-designers and 55 student-models that were recruited at the beginning of the semester. Given a semester to design a collection, designers had to come up with original pieces that would successfully define their own legacies on campus. Despite that there were many new student-designers and student-models this semester, they were all provided with the proper workshops in order to help be as successful as possible during the show.

Sewing and design workshops were offered throughout the semester and were taught by FAST Design Directors, Soazig Kaam, Shahir Shukor and Zackary Harris. FAST Model Directors, Masha Andreyeva, Dakota Goodman and Fung Tai, provided all of the models with the proper finesse and strut that any girl would want while walking down the runway. With a combination of entirely new designers/models and veteran designers/models, FAST saw its best show yet with a culmination of fierce, avant-garde and celestial collections from all participating designers.

Sophia Dutra wearing Soazig Kaam | Photo by: Dickens Chong
Sophia Dutra wearing Soazig Kaam | Photo by: Dickens Chong
Cory Mohn wearing Ming Cong | Photo by Dickens Chong
Cory Mohn wearing Ming Cong | Photo by Dickens Chong
Masha Andreyeva wearing Soazig Kaam | Photo by: Sonia Hung
Masha Andreyeva wearing Soazig Kaam | Photo by: Sonia Hung

FAST LEGACY was filled with so many surprises and highlights this Fall Semester. This semester’s fashion show will best be remembered by the commemoration of graduating Senior and FAST President Ming Cong, a 4th year Molecular and Cell Biology Major, and her final collection of designs for FAST LEGACY. Despite that FAST had to say its final goodbye to one of its President’s, FAST debuted its first-ever FAST Look Book, which they distributed during the fashion show. This FAST Look Book not only features letters from the FAST Presidents, Cory and Ming, but it also includes amazing photo shoots highlighting some original designs from FAST student-designers that were either created throughout this semester or were featured in past Fashion Shows for FAST.

While FAST LEGACY 2014 has finally come to an end, it truly is only the beginning. Stay connected with Fashion and Student Trends (FAST) as next semester is their 10-Year Anniversary as the most prestigious student-run fashion organization here at the University of California, Berkeley.

FAST Executive Board Members:

Ming Cong – President, 4th year Molecular and Cell Biology

Cory Mohn – President, 4th year Media Studies and Rhetoric

Monica Diliberto – Director of Internal Affairs, 4th year Business Administration

Nataly Flores – Public Relations Director, 4th year Media Studies

Masha Andreyeva – Model Director, 4th year Molecular Environmental Biology

Fung Tai – Model Director, 3rd year Psychology

Dakota Goodman – Model Director, 2nd year History, Psychology & Human Rights

Soazig Kaam – Design Director, PhD Building Science and Architecture

Shahir Shukor – Design Director, 3rd year Economics

Zackary Harris – Design Director, 2nd year Cognitive Science and Gender & Women’s Studies

If you liked any of the music played during the FAST LEGACY Fashion Show, check out the FAST Spotify playlist:

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