3 Tips for a Successful Resume

Welcome Back! Hope you all had an enjoyable and relaxing winter break.

With recruiting taking off again, I wanted to share an article I posted on LinkedIn about some helpful tips for writing a successful resume. Hope this helps! 

Landing that dream job after college is every student’s vision. It’s what we’ve worked so hard for all these years. But landing that job is no simple task. It’s a bit like applying to college all over again. It takes time, energy, patience, and accepting lots of hurdles along the way. And it comes down to impressing the recruiter and hiring team to even consider you for an interview. It’s not about getting the job just yet, but getting an opportunity to even present yourself.

Fortunately, when applying from a top business school like UC Berkeley-Haas, there is a bit of an advantage, but competition is very high; everyone applying is going to be a stellar student. So it is very crucial to focus on what is going to differentiate you and showcase your uniqueness. This is best shown through your resume when applying for jobs.

Recruiters and hiring teams spend less than a minute per resume. That’s only a few seconds to sell yourself and convince them you are worth their time. Therefore, it is essential that your resume advocate for you in those few second. After taking a job success decal, I have learned some helpful tips to make your resume stand out.

Keep it Clear, Simple, and Error-Free

Your resume should be easy to read, period. This means that the format needs to be consistent throughout your whole resume and organized logically. There are general templates and formats to help get you get started, but also make sure you add personal touches to help your resume stand out from the stack. Also be sure to only bold or italicize what is necessary. Often times less is more. Lastly, make sure your resume is 100% error-free; make sure to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. So go ahead, ask a friend or stranger to look at your resume and be very critical.

Get to the Point

One of the common mistakes with resumes is putting too much information just to fill up space, when in fact, wording should be concise and to the point. Be sure to add flavor to your resume by using active verbs and language! One recruiter I spoke to advised that every sentence should follow an Action-Context-Result format to describe your achievement or role. You want to start out with a strong action verb, give context of what you did, and what was the result or outcome of the achievement. Don’t forget to use exact figures if necessary. Be sure to pick only the experiences and skills necessary to the job you are applying for. Yes, this means you may have multiple resumes each tailored to different jobs.

Give a Holistic View of Who You Are

Companies want to know who you are as a person. Yes, they care about your excellent grades, handy experiences, and outstanding skills, but they also want to know you are a fun, sociable person who they want to spend 8 hours a day with. So don’t forget to leave out interest, hobbies, and what makes you, you! Show them that you are able to balance school and work, but also have an exciting personality.

success1These are just a few tips that I think are helpful to keep in mind when crafting your resume. Recruiting season is around the corner, so whether you are looking for a full-time job or a summer internship, a successful resume is your first step to getting there. Be sure to allocate time in your schedule to work and improve your resume and always be open to changing it up. I have lost track of how many times I have edited my resume, and just when I think it’s good to go, I find and learn new ways to improve it.

Happy job hunting and good luck to landing that dream job!

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