HBSA Election: Candidates Platform (2015-2016)

HBSA Election – 2015 Voter Guide

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Please note candidates are listed in alphabetical order by position.

*Voting for HBSA Elections will take place next Monday, March 16th, 2015 – March 20th, 2015 via Campus Groups. Until then, please take a few minutes and carefully read though the HBSA 2015 Voter Guide bellow.* 

Jessica Mersten



Hello! My name is Jess Mersten and I would love to be your next HBSA President. As the current External Cohort Liaison for the Class of 2016, I work with the Cohort Program and HBSA to organize events that connect students outside of the classroom. This year, I was the driving force behind both social and professional events, including the LinkedIn Photoshoot, Haas Happy Hours, and the Ha-Ha-Haas Comedy Show. My leadership experience includes being a UC Berkeley Campus Ambassador, International Peer Mentor, and Cal Student Orientation Leader. My experience highlights my ability to manage teams and serve diverse student communities. As President of HBSA, I envision an even greater opportunity to engage and strengthen our undergraduate community. If elected, I will (1) work with HBSA Executives to create a Business Week to bolster the Haas reputation and celebrate our community, (2) assist in restructuring the Cohort Program to better serve students, (3) develop opportunities to network with MBAs and (4) promote collaboration between HBSA sponsored student organizations. These changes will create more resources, strengthen our campus culture, and enhance the undergraduate experience. I promise to be accessible, enthusiastic, and strive to make your Haas undergraduate experience unforgettable. Go Bears!

Amy He


Executive Vice President

My name is Amy He, and I am running to be your HBSA Executive Vice President. As EVP, I will be leading HBSA to tangible changes to better our premier business education at Haas. My top three goals include creating a Haas Business Week, a complementary electronic accessory rental program, and an annual Haas-exclusive alumni and company career conference. First, Haas Business Week will not only bring public awareness to Haas from corporate sponsors, but also create an opportunity for Haas Organizations to showcase their successes to the entire campus and participate in building a closer business community. Next, running home for a phone or laptop charger will be a problem of the past with a free charger rental program at the Haas library. Lastly, I will utilize the Haas Alumni Network and Haas Career Counselors to create an exclusive Haas-only annual networking career fair to promote professional development and career opportunities. As the current External Vice President of Berkeley Women in Business and past Director in Office of the President of HBSA, I look forward to using my experiences to work with HBSA and serving our Haas community!

Isabelle Lee


Executive Vice President

Haas Undergraduate Community, It is an honor and a privilege to announce that I am running for the office of Executive Vice President of the Haas Business School Association (HBSA) for the 2015 – 2016 academic year. My vision as the next Executive Vice President will emphasize three major objective: 1) Organizing a mentorship program that connects Pre-Haas students with current Haas students, 2) revamping the cohort system, and 3) bringing in more companies and networking events to our campus. I have a strong background in student government, both before and after I came to Haas. Before I came to Cal, I served as Class President of my high school for all four years and during my two years at community college I served as Senator for Educational Master Planning. Upon arriving at Haas last semester, I joined HBSA and served in the presidential committee making substantial strides such as the extension of Haas library hours during finals week. These strong qualifications allow me to be very confident in my ability to fulfill the numerous significant roles of the Executive Vice President. Please vote for Isabelle Lee!

Andrew Cai-Li


Vice President of Finance

As the prospective VP of Finance, I will create more resources by effectively reallocating funds into opportunities for our Haas community. For example, I will ensure increasing the budget for Professional Development Workshops for students such as finance teach-in’s by corporate leaders, case interview workshops led by top consulting firms, and ensuring the computer lab has enough funds to keep the binder clips stocked (which it usually isn’t). I promise to work with the HBSA leadership team in order to identify what the Haas community needs. The first step is sourcing the funds for these endeavors— an initiative that I will actively spearhead. Lastly, I will ensure the best HAAS HAPPY HOURS. These are phenomenal opportunities to connect the Haas community. I want to capitalize on these opportunities by alternating happy hours between Pappy’s and TRIPLE ROCK or FREEHOUSE. If elected, I promise to give back and truly improve the experience of each Haas student by increasing access to resources and improving networking opportunities.

Rupinder Grewal


Vice President of Finance

Hello my fellow Haasome people! My name is Rupinder Grewal and with great passion I am running for HBSA’s Vice President of Finance position. My overarching aim as the VP of Finance will be to secure the maximum funding possible for organizing events to enhance our undergraduate experience at Berkeley-Haas. I would like to continue offering personal and professional development events such as Happy Hours, Training the Street workshop series, and case competitions. My previous experience as Finance Director and President of the Phi Theta Kappa chapter at the College of San Mateo has equipped me with the skills necessary to allocate yearly funds to enrich student life. We only get two years at Berkeley-Haas; lets make the best of them, together!

Victor Umunze


Vice President of Finance

I want to use my position as VP of finance to bring more accountability and efficiency to HBSA. Considering the important role HBSA plays in the everyday life of business students at Berkeley it is important to have excellent finances to cater to all the programs and events that we have every semester. My goal is to work closely with the President and other members of the board to raise funds and also be the perfect liaison between the administration and students. Vote for me and let us together take HBSA to the next level!

Anastasiya Zarko


Vice President of Marketing

It is my pleasure to announce my candidacy for Vice President of Marketing at the Haas Business Student Association. As VP of Marketing, I will work to improve the HBSA branding, contribute to Haas Blog, increase and market HBSA and Cohort Events and set HBSA’s social media presence across all platforms right. Given my previous marketing experience and strong intention to put HBSA to a new level, I guarantee to bring out the best to HBSA this coming year!

Jenna Hardenbrook


Vice President of Marketing

As the VP of Marketing I will work to increase HBSA’s presence, streamline branding, and increase attendance to events through creative campaigns. I will revamp HBSA’s social media presence across all platforms with the goal of fostering community at Haas. I have experience managing the social media presence of both BUILD Pizzeria and the Cal Dance Team and believe I will be able to achieve great things for HBSA this coming year!

Chuong (Jimmy) Le


Vice President of MBA & Alumni Relations

Networking connection is one of the most important assets in Business. As an undergraduate student at Haas, we could utilize the Haas Alumni Network to built up and strengthen our network. Running for the VP of MBA and Alumni Relations, I would like to achieve several goals: 1. Organize one event every semester to provide the opportunity to connect with Haas Alumni and MBA students. 2. Organize one workshop every semester about utilizing the Haas Alumni Network and LinkedIn to find a full-time job and a summer internship. 3. Help member utilize many opportunity at Haas to network and connect with Haas Alumni and MBA students. We need to put a lot of work in order to achieve those goals. However, with your help and support, I believe that I could succeed.

Daniel Phan


Vice President of MBA & Alumni Relations

I currently serve as one of the Cohort Leaders for the Class of 2016 as well as Alumni Relations Coordinator for the Student Gift Campaign (SGC). Both of these positions have given me the experience and knowledge to be your next Vice President of MBA/Alumni Relations. From planning and executing events for over 350 Haas Undergrads, to engaging alumni who play a crucial role in supporting Haas and our student programs, I understand what it takes to leverage pivotal aspects of Haas, such as our alumni and MBA, to benefit undergrads. My goal as Vice President of MBA/Alumni Relations is to build relationships. I want to connect you with MBA students and alumni so that you can turn to these industry leaders when you need a mentor, a job, or just some advice. One of the greatest advantages of being a Haas student is the ability to meet and connect with the amazing people who study here or have graduated from here. I want to make that connection possible.

Alex Quan


Vice President of Student Affairs

I want to run for the VP of Student Affairs because I want to provide resources for students, address student’s concerns, and be a liaison between the Haas Undergraduate Program and the student body. My goal is to help people achieve their goals. I want to continue to host essay and application workshops for students who are interested in applying to Hass. I also would like to implement a program that provides tutoring services for students taking undergraduate business courses. I will also send out surveys during the semester to get a better understanding of the students needs. Overall, I hope to be someone who can represent the students and give them many opportunities to succeed.

Arehta Fortune


Vice President of Student Affairs

As Vice President of Student Affairs, I will go beyond myself to support Haas students in all stages of their educational experience. I look forward to furthering our defining principles of Haas culture by a) providing outreach programs and workshops for incoming Haas students, b) connecting students’ voices and needs with our resources in Student Services, CTE, and Undergraduate Administration to continually improve the program, and c) hosting more professional development and career workshops for fields beyond the ABCs.

Elsie Cheang


Vice President of Student Affairs

One of my primary goals as VP of Student Affairs is to create a collaborative, accessible, and transparent process in connecting and providing Haas resources to lowerclassmen. There are amazing testimonies amongst Haas students—from applying to be a business major to freaking out over a final-round interview—and I want to create resources for students who want to help and for students who seek the help. It could be that those resources are not available right now or that those resources are not known and easily accessible. With that said, I hope to further develop a mentor-mentee program between Haas students and prospective business majors so students can be paired up, meet on a need basis, and share in testimonies and experiences. In addition, I seek to better the undergraduate experiences for current Haas students. I want to work on inviting corporate representatives to host Q&A sessions about various industries and business development workshops such as interview prep, resume workshops, and case interview skills. From recruiting for the ABC’s or being interested in the industries beyond, I hope to create an accessible and weekly newsletter about industry statistics, current job opportunities, and other resources that would ease students’ pursue of professional and academic passions here at Haas.

Emily Benjamin


Vice President of Student Affairs

As your Vice President of Student Affairs, I promise your feedback will be heard and have an impact. I will work with the administration to improve mid-semester evaluations to ensure our professors and GSI’s respond to our feedback and make real and reasonable efforts to adjust accordingly. As a mature-aged, international student, I understand the broader needs of our diverse student body. I have the passion, the real-world experience, and the mediation skills to strongly and fairly advocate for your needs. I have been a Haas Class Representative for two semesters, and I know how frustrating it can be to give feedback on problems that never get fixed. I have been there in meetings when Professors freely admit that they speak too fast, too quietly, or move through material too quickly; yet then they quickly argue that it is too late to change it at this stage in the semester. I want to rectify this. Our feedback should be heard, and should be implemented. I will work together with the Undergraduate Administration to find a solution; a solution that holds professors accountable for implementing the feedback they receive. Our requests are reasonable, and they are fair. Implementation of our feedback can improve the student experience for all of us, and push Haas to even greater heights in the academic community. I will be your voice for all Student Affairs.

Cassarie Soungpanya


Vice President of Professional Development

My name is Cassarie Soungpanya, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to further develop the relationship between Haas Students and the Career Center. As the Vice President of Professional Development, I will strive to improve upon resources that are available to my peers by ensuring that more information and opportunities for those who are interested in careers beyond Accounting, Banking, and Consulting are more easily accessible. I have always enjoyed helping and supporting my peers, so feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions or feedback regarding my project plans for the next academic year.

Raymond Dang


Vice President of Professional Development

My name is Raymond Dang, and I’m running to be your Vice President of Professional Development. As your VP of Professional Development, I will work to promote and improve the resources available to students in order to cultivate both personal and professional skills. I plan to accomplish this by expanding resources outside of the traditional ABC’s, establishing more case competitions and workshops, and finally building a more collaborative atmosphere. My vision for this position includes: 1) Coordinating both workshops that span a variety of industries and workshops that teach valuable skills such as Photoshop or public speaking, 2) Hosting more case competitions through finding potential companies interested in partnering with Haas and more Finance/Management Consulting Teach-ins that have in the past filled up, and 3) Creating a collaborative atmosphere through establishment of a MBA-Undergraduate mentorship program within Haas where students can leverage each other’s’ skills and foster a closer community.

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