Revibe: A new way to message

Co-Founders of Revibe
Co-Founders of Revibe

Sebastian, Nave, and Shaurya were all junior transfers to the Haas School of Business in the fall of 2014. The three of them, nicknamed Filo by their peers, have built a mobile platform called Revibe that allows users to namelessly message others. Unlike public feeds such as Yik Yak, Revibe allows users to anonymously message others privately.

Sebastian, Nave, and Shaurya were inspired to create this app because they realized that every day, feedback, compliments, advice, and feelings that people want to share with others are left unsaid due to social restrictions. Therefore, the trio set out to build a platform that breaks through social barriers and promotes open, positive, and genuine communication. The three co-founders measure success and sets their goals based on the ascreen322x572mount of fun and meaning that users experience through using Revibe, not by the amount of downloads.

Revibe is up on the app store now, and with the help of students it has been having a lot of success in SoCal. It recently launched in Berkeley, so get on board! Join Revibe, create an account, post your usernames on social media so that others can add you, and start sending vibes to your friends!

Feel free to message the following co-founder accounts on Revibe with any feedback:

Sebastian, Shaurya, Navebrar,  Teamrevibe

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