Berkeley-Haas Student Gift Campaign

The Student Gift Campaign is our chance to say thank you to all that Haas has given us and will continue to give us through benefits when we become alumni.  Each of us has benefited from the Haas Fund as students in various ways—mock interviews, career conferences, world class professors, designated career counselor at the Cal Career Center. All of these student benefits were powered by the Haas Fund. With this week being the last week of the Student Gift Campaign, we only need 55 more donors to reach our goal of 250 total donors.

Experts from current students enrolled in the Haas Undergraduate Program:

“I’m originally from Huntington Beach, CA and struggled to find my passion and drive for higher education after I dropped out of college following high school. After joining the military, I learned valuable skills to realign my path. Although the military was not for me, I found new appreciation for higher education and immediately began attending community college at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA. With the help of my family, peers, and the tremendous faculty at OCC, I was able to gain acceptance to my dream school – Berkeley-Haas. At 27, I’m often older than many students in my classes, but my drive to succeed is just as strong. I love Marketing Analytics, and have been working with Gazillion Entertainment, a game company in Foster City, for the past year. I will continue full-time employment with them upon graduation in May.

My donation is my gift to help give back to those who have helped me in my time at Haas. The support I’ve received along my journey has been unparalleled, and I owe my success at each step of the way to those who spent time, effort, and resources to give me a chance to learn and grow. I look forward to giving back via the Alumni network. Go Bears!” – Christian Holmlund (BS ’15)

“I can start by telling you why I gave. I’m deeply involved and passionate about the cause of public education. As a product of K-12 and college public schools, I’ve loved having the opportunity to have a world class education at a fraction of the cost of private schools. From the professors to the classes, Berkeley-Haas has instilled a love for challenges and collaboration in my life. I gave to Haas because I want future students to experience the benefits that I’ve gotten at Cal!” – Subhashree Rengarajan (BS ’15)

“I chose to contribute to the Student Gift Campaign at the leadership level because I wanted to show Haas how much I’ve appreciated the opportunity to receive an incredible education here.  I have benefited immensely from receiving a Haas education and feel privileged to soon be a part of an incredible network of alumnae.” – Stacey Patten (BS ’15)

“I chose to give to the Student Gift Campaign because without BerkeleyHaas resources, advisors, guidance, faculty, and staff, my ability to succeed academically, professionally, and socially would be more limited. Giving to the Student Gift Campaign allowed me to invest in the future of BerkeleyHaas, as previous students did for me.” – Ryan Khalessi (BS ’15)

“I chose to donate to the Student Gift Campaign because I’m incredibly grateful to study at the Haas School of Business. Here at Haas, I’ve found my community through my classes, the Cohort Program and the Haas Business School Association. Above all, I’m receiving a world-class education. I know that these opportunities would not have been available to me without the generous contributions of donors. I donated to ensure that other students will benefit from these resources and opportunities for years to come.” – Jessica Mersten (BS ’16)

“I am lucky enough to call myself a student at the renowned UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business. To have everything we need to excel in the job recruitment process is a god-send. I am forever thankful for The Haas School of Business for its amazing facility, opportunities, and alumni network. I chose to give to the Student Gift Campaign to show my appreciation for all that we have here. Not only am I investing in my future at Berkeley-Haas but the amazing students to come. For I am lucky to have a private school like education with a public school tuition, Thank you Walter A. Haas School of Business.” – Isabelle Lee (BS ’16)

Since this is the last week to give back, I urge everyone to give back to Berkeley –Haas. Please join me and the 195 other Haas students and give back.

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