Class of 2017 Haas Undergraduate Student Orientation

This article was written by Katherine Krive (BS ’17) 

After two years of incredibly hard work academically, professionally, and personally, three hundred and eighty five students gathered together for the first time as the Haas Undergraduate Class of 2017.haas1

Orientation began on Monday, August 24th, at 9am, as students checked in with their respective cohort leaders and caught up with friends in the courtyard, before trickling in to Anderson Auditorium.

The program started with a welcome from Dean Rich Lyons. He congratulated us on our achievements and reminded us that we are all meant to be in Haas. Throughout his speech he talked about our four defining principles: Beyond Yourself, Student Always, Confidence without Attitude, and Question the Status Quo. He encouraged us to think about how we could exemplify these traits throughout the next two years of school and after graduation as “co-owners” of Haas. Later, Professor Todd Fitch emphasized how important it is that we find a way to balance the competition that business students find so dear, with the collaboration and teamwork that will help us through our years in school and beyond. We also heard from Alessandra Demmons, Associate Director of Undergraduate Student & Alumni Engagement at Haas and David Woodward, Career Counselor for Haas. They gave us valuable advice on leveraging our alumni network and preparing for the notorious internship and career search.

Lunch came around 1pm, as we all rushed back into the courtyard ready to eat Top Dog and take a moment’s break from the huge amount of information we had received that morning. This was also a chance for students to visit the tables set up by various business-related clubs such as the Latino Business Association (LBSA), Berkeley Women in Business (BWB), and many more. After lunch, we heard from current Haas MBA student and undergrad haas2alumnus, Lucky Sandhu, who spent time reminding us what a fantastic business school we are privileged to be a part of and to utilize the resources that we now have at our fingertips. Orientation wrapped up with a panel of recruiters from various companies, who gave tips on how to prepare for on-campus recruiting. Lastly, we went back out into the courtyard for an ice-cream social, hosted by Abbott Laboratories, where we had a chance to begin networking with the recruiters from our panel earlier—talk about a quick start to the rush of fall recruiting!

Over the past three weeks of school, I have found that the classes are challenging, but by no means overwhelming. The support that we receive from the university, the Haas undergraduate office, and from other students, makes the academic load completely doable. One thing I will say, is that our speakers at orientation did not exaggerate how quickly recruiting for next summer’s internships begins. Within these first three weeks of school we have already had investment banking, consulting, and Big Four forums to recruit for internships and full time positions, not to mention innumerable information sessions for specific companies. As the semester progresses things will only get busier, but we’ve made it this far and can certainly handle whatever school throws at us in the coming months. Congratulations again to my fellow Haasmates, Class of 2017, and Go Bears!

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  1. Great article Katherine! Don’t forget the Haas Business School Association, the undergraduate student government at Haas, as another resource for undergrads. We’re here to provide resources, guidance, events and workshops to improve the undergraduate student experience. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events!

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