Question The Status Quo: Ariella Golda Sosis

Career Profiles is a series of posts that will feature Haas students who have accepted an internship or full time job offer across various industries.

You will be graduating from one of the most prestigious business schools in the world and also received a full-time offer from a major consulting firm. What made you want to pursue a music career?

FullSizeRender (2)Music is my life: I live, breathe, eat, and sleep music.  This degree won’t expire but my drive to pursue music might fizzle away as I age. I’m 20 years old plus I graduated high school two years early so I feel that I’ve bought myself two years to aggressively pursue my passions in music and arts. I want people all around the world to listen to “Golda” and relate to it. If my plan falls through, then I’ll still have this awesome degree and the unique experience of starting my own art startup. It’s all the way you look at it, right?

Which Haas Defining Principle do you identify most with? How did your identification with this principle help you in your personal and professional development for music?

I identify most with the principle of  “Student Always”. My business degree is one side of me, but why can’t I also exceed in musicianship? Can’t I learn and exceed in both equally? Why not have a dual career, straddling both the inner parts of the music business and the performance side? I’m challenging myself to do both with my career, to keep learning and expanding.

Do you have any advice for other Haas and Cal students in general, who are also interested in finding meaning and embarking on a life adventure before entering the corporate world, but are afraid to ta12071686_10206617292942371_1437274184_nke the risk?

I take every opportunity that comes at me, even when it’s uncomfortable- whether it is my friend asking me to go to her aunt’s Easter party, releasing an album party in the same week as all of my midterms, embarking on the Haas India course, or taking the global internship program in New Zealand. I’m limitless and I realize that as long as I’m safe, taking on new experiences will force me to learn how to adapt. And that’s success, being unique while adapting to an environment.  Striking a balance between the two is vital. Take the opportunity to attend my concert this Friday!

Her band “Golda” will be having its Big EP Release Show on October 9th at the Subterranean Arthouse on Bancroft and Folsom! So if you are interested please attend the show to support a fellow Haas student, Ariella Golda Sosis.


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