Fall 2015 Investment Banking Case Competitions

As investment banking recruiting season kicks off, several investment banks are hosting case competitions to allow students to exemplify their skills in strategic thinking, valuation, and presentation. As the 2015 Goldman Sachs Case Competition kicks off this week, signups also begin for the 2015 Morgan Stanley Case Competition and Wells Fargo Case Competition.

What do you do when you participate in an investment banking case competition?

Students work in teams of 3-4 and apply finance and technical skills to a bank’s investment banking transactions. Each team will act as the deal team presenting to the Board of Directors of a particular company, providing advice on valuation, industry insights and public market conditions. The final work product is typically a slide presentation which then may be presented to representatives at the firm if selected as a finalist team.

What are the benefits to participating?

These competitions are extremely helpful in attracting the attention of investment banks throughout the recruiting process, and often offer first-round interview spots as prizes. Mo Jomaa (Haas ’16), won first place for the Morgan Stanley case competition last fall. Speaking to his experience participating, he says “The Morgan Stanley case competition was an awesome learning experience and a great recruiting tool — I learned a lot about how an IPO works and how investment banks conduct business, and I got the opportunity to network with several Morgan Stanley investment bankers in the process.”

How do I participate/find a team?

At Haas, it’s always great to find a team within our community here! Reach out to your peers who may be interested in investment banking, or find team members from clubs that you are a part of. It may also be helpful to reach out to any seniors that you may know who did a summer internship in investment banking, for any guidance that they can provide.

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