YES! You Can Study Abroad as a Junior in Haas

If you clicked on this article, it is probably because you’re on the fence about studying abroad. You may be a Haas student, or you may be studying another major and just happened to stumble upon this article after searching up different articles about this dilemma. Either way, you probably have one of three thoughts floating in your head right now: How can I study abroad and graduate on time? Is it possible to recruit abroad? Should I go with my friends or alone?

Through this column, I will hopefully be able to answer all three of these questions and more. Follow me on my journey towards studying abroad this spring semester! I am no expert at studying abroad and will probably make some mistakes along the way (which I’ll teach you to avoid!), but that makes this column genuine. Everything will be in the present, and I will report on my decisions from the prior month here. You can keep me accountable to that promise!

So, to get the ball rolling, let’s start by answering the most important question:

5 Reasons Why Should You Study Abroad

  • You become a global citizen – By understanding foreign cultures and traditions, you will be an asset to your future company when international business is involved
  • Get inspired – Encountering new experiences may come with pleasant surprises and who knows, maybe you will return to school with a new perspective and passion
  • Fully independent and self-sufficient – While you struggle through the transportation system and figure out your new foreign phone service, you will discover more about yourself—how you react to challenges, what you do to resolve the problem, and more
  • Act locally, connect globally – While you pick up local slangs here and there, you will also meet other international students abroad and create a diverse network. You’ll have friends in more countries than you’ve visited, and rack up 500+ connections on LinkedIn for good!
  • Do it for the food – Your Instagram account will be the envy of all your friends still at Cal

Have I convinced you yet? I”ll be writing more about this topic so keep following the Haas Undergraduate Blog and follow me on my study abroad experience ( and process towards doing so)!

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