Boss Day The Haas Way

National Boss’s Day: the day we’re all training for.

The diverse, collaborate, and imaginative spirit of Haas is exemplified in the wide range of impressive alumni. Bosses, from Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, and Founders of the top marketing, advertising, accounting, consulting, investment banking, and hedge fund firms in the world to visionaries who launched their own companies.

Experiencing the Haas campus, we should all be encouraged and inspired by the success of our forBEARers in an extraordinary galaxy of accomplishment. Now, and historically, Haas as produced bosses across an extremely diverse group of industries; everything from the CEOs of Electronic Arts, President of JoeBoxer, Chairman and President of Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, CEO of Adobe Systems, President of Absolut Vodka, or the star of CollegeHumor productions. Their success motivates current Haas students, reassured that we are being educated, groomed, and trained to be future ‘captains of industry’. Confidence that we will find success, in the company of tens of thousands of other Haas alumni, is an added inspiration to follow the defining principles of Haas.

The Haas culture inspires greatness by encouraging students to question the status quo, project confidence and enthusiasm without attitude or arrogance, continue their lifelong pursuit of knowledge, and make a positive difference in the world. Since 1898, The Haas School of Business, with nearly 40,000 alumni, has inspired, trained, and created an extensive and diverse network of the world’s business leaders and innovators.

Perhaps what is most impressive about Haas alumni is their spirit, enthusiasm, and pride in Berkeley and the business school. Every week alumni are on the Haas campus encouraging and mentoring MBA and undergraduate students in presentations, job recruiting, and teaching. Alumni are eager to engage with current students, providing support and encouragement.

On a future Boss’s Day, possibly as soon as next year, some of us will be honored as impressive Haas alumni who have achieved and excelled.

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