College to Career with Career Contessa

As current juniors and seniors, many Haas undergraduates feel the presence of graduation lurking just around the corner, promising to launch them into the real world whether they are ready or not. I am writing today about an extremely useful resource that aims to empower young female professionals and helps these women successfully set and manage their career goals. Professional development website, Career Contessa, founded by former Hulu recruiter, Lauren McGoodwin, serves as a center for “honest conversations by real women about work and life” with the goal of “helping you achieve fulfillment and balance in both.” Career Contessa inspires young women through articles featuring interviews of modern influential women, “Contessas,” who share their personal stories of exceling in work and life. Through these interviews, a variety of informational articles on navigating life and career, as well as job postings, Career Contessa provides a wealth of knowledge for any young professional beginning their career.

Lauren McGoodwin speaking to members of Berkeley Women in Business at the Haas School of Business
Lauren McGoodwin speaking to members of Berkeley Women in Business at the Haas School of Business

On her “Women’s Career Empowerment College Tour,” Lauren McGoodwin visited UC Berkeley campus and met with student organizations including Berkeley Women in Business and Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority to discuss the transition from college into a successful career. McGoodwin’s goal for this tour is to empower college women during their job search and leave them feeling confident that they are prepared with the resources they need to secure their dream job.

In 10 steps, Career Contessa provides an outline to help students discover what they love and set goals to land their ideal career. During her presentation McGoodwin discusses everything from the preparation steps of how to get organized and set up informational interviews, to ways you can leverage your network and ace your interview. During this tour McGoodwin will visit a total of 11 universities and speak with different women-focused campus groups, leaving empowered, confident young women in her wake.

McGoodwin and the rest of the Career Contessa team work everyday to inspire individuals to do what they love and be great at it! To learn more and take advantage of the resources Career Contessa has to offer please visit

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