Big Reasons To Give

Next Thursday, November 19th is UC Berkeley’s annual campus-wide ‘Big Give’ 24-hour donation campaign. In the spirit of Thanksgiving and The Big Game, Cal departments compete in a fundraising frenzy reaching out to parents, students, faculty, and alumni for donations. This year’s theme, “Think Bigger”, encourages campaign participants to help Berkeley continue growing bigger and better (and perhaps to ‘think’ about a ‘bigger’ donation than last year!). UC Berkeley only receives 12% of its funding from the state, making private donations a vital source of revenue to maintain Berkeley’s world-leading high standards of excellence and achievement, successfully competing against the world’s top private universities.

Haas’ excels at the ‘Big Give’ drive, earning recognition as the college campaign with the greatest student participation and generating $560,000 in donations. The business school’s success in 2014 was a triumph and this year, it’s time for students, parents, and faculty not only to ‘Think Bigger” but ‘donate bigger’ too. The roughly $306 million endowment supports Haas’ goal of “redefining how the world does business” by inspiring and challenging its students to innovate, reimage, lead, and ‘think bigger’.

Despite proven success in our consistently high departmental and overall program rankings (at least top 10), the business school needs more money to support its degree programs, scholarships and fellowships, faculty recruiting, alumni recourses, career services, and Dean Lyons’ initiative projects. In order to stay on top Haas must compete for resources, professors, and students with other prestigious business schools that have multi-billion (yes, that’s billion with a ‘b’) dollar endowments.

Over the next week, think about what Haas means to you and what has made your experience special. It can be easy to take our unique learning environment for granted. Every perk, including our Nobel Laureate professors, career panels and recruiting events, Happy Office Hours, beautiful campus, and even our special, coveted, undergraduate backpacks contribute to our unique Haas experience but cost money.

We’re students always, dedicated to this campus and continuing our academic curiosity and intellectual pursuits. Every donation helps give students the resources to question the status quo and challenge and exceed expectations. Our culture inspires confidence without attitude and exudes a quiet, sophisticated assurance in our individual and united success.

Remember: Next Thursday, November 19th, go beyond yourself and make a contribution to Haas’ Big Give campaign and encourage alumni, parents, and cheering friends and relatives to do the same.

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