So You Want to Be a Billionaire?

Your idea could become the next big thing. The Haas School of Business is funding student ideas for scalable startups. Haas offers undergraduates and MBA students unique access to financial aid to build their ideas into the world’s future leading businesses. Pursuit of innovation and entrepreneurship are coveted qualities in Haas’ curriculum. The mentorship, resources, and funding available at Haas inspire and facilitate student-driven business concepts. The two largest fund sources are LAUNCH and The Berkeley Haas Entrepreneur Startup Seed Funding.

Since 1999 LAUNCH has provided $1 million dollars, industry connections, and mentorship to student teams presenting viable business ideas and strategies. 100 teams compete in LAUNCH for the chance to be selected as one of the top 15 Berkeley student start-up presentations. In a three month long accelerator program, young entrepreneurs have the opportunity to take their ideas from concept to company by transforming products and services to become fundable by venture capital firms and investors.

Dean Lyons has reenergized funding for The Berkeley Haas Entrepreneur Startup Seed Funding, promising $100,000 to teams of current, innovative Haas undergraduates and graduates including $5,000 grants for early stage start ups. Applications for funding consideration were submitted last Friday by groups competing for one of 10 coveted December grants. Winners have the option to use funding for business expansion, to generate viable prototypes, and to pursue further funding.

Haas is committed to giving its students an edge. With the help of the world’s industry leaders and the financial support of the business school, student innovation, creativity, and success thrives at Haas.

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