5 Things Underutilized at Haas

Congratulations to all the newly-accepted students now part of the incoming 2018 Berkeley-Haas class! The Haas Undergraduate Blog Team has written much advice in taking advantage of your two years at Haas, including discussing what resources and perks Haas provides its students. However, there are a few activities and resources that many students end up underutilizing in their time here as a business student.

Free tutoring

All Haas undergraduate students have access to free tutoring. The tutoring offered is drop-in and the hours are located here. In addition to these drop-in hours, Haas majors can also request individual tutoring. Tip: Get to know the tutor first during his/her drop-in hours before e-mailing with an individual tutoring request and before midterm season!


Haas Undergraduate Lounge

undergraduate-lounge-1The Haas Undergraduate Lounge is a hidden gem located in Bank of America Forum (F371). The room hosts comfy sofas for in-between class naps, a refrigerator (cleaned out every week but still convenient for short-term usage), a microwave, plentiful work space, a printer, and computers that are almost always available for use. The Lounge opens and closes at the same hours as the Bank of America Forum.



Haas Happy Hourberkeley-pappy_s-grill-sports-bar

The Berkeley-Haas Cohort Program / Haas Business School Association hosts frequent happy hours on Thursdays at Pappy’s. Most importantly, free drink tickets are provided to Haas students. It’s a great way to meet fellow Haas students and catch up with current friends!



Mock Interviews

Haas arranges mock interviews for its students periodically. Students can meet one-on-one with an experienced consultant to conduct a mock interview and get feedback on their interviewing skills. The consultant will not be currently recruiting on campus; she/or he is hired by Haas with the sole purpose of helping students polish their interview skills. It is a great opportunity to practice interviewing before recruiting begins!


Haas offers its students exclusive “Teach-Ins,” which are workshops and lectures with business leaders in their respective fields. These teach-ins are opportunities to explore and learn about various business topics. For example, Jeff Chang, Managing Director at Qatalyst Partners, has participated in a “Practitioner Chat” to discuss competitive dynamics from the client perspective for a “boutique” investment banking advisory firm relative to a bulge-bracket firm. In October, Haas held Finance Teach-Ins on understanding LBO models and merger math for those preparing for interviews. Given that these learning opportunities are free, they are a great opportunity to gain knowledge and stay a Student Always.

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